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Zhejiang Jiangnan, and actually has a "Kanas" Hangzhou self driving 2H to the Sohu: Inner Mongolia tourism is not Xinjiang, but also has been dyed wood, colorful intoxicating; here is not Yangshuo Jiuzhaigou, but also has the water scenery hazy, like to go to Putuo from here; not Lingyin but also full. Zen Buddhism, not far from the sky, from the fairy down very close; Zhoushan is not Ningbo, but also near the sea, and the bustling fishing village; here not Wuzhen Xitang, but also a century old village, stone houses more flavor…… Here is the Zhejiang Taizhou, Hangzhou only distance 2H drive, but with the most beautiful autumn scenery of jiangnan. And one of her subordinates a small town has a beautiful sounding name, Xianju, sea, Tiantai, Yuhuan…… There’s a place where you don’t know the beauty. In the just concluded 2016 China (Taizhou) in the East China Sea Cultural Tourism Festival, we also see a more complete line of Taizhou tourism and raiders. Today, Feekr will take you to the depth tour of Taizhou, Zhejiang is the most beautiful autumn harvest ~ here is the Jiangnan Kanas accidentally robbed Qiushuiyiren Gu Tan reservoir is the most beautiful autumn || Gu Tan reservoir – the dawn Wei Lu is located in Zhejiang County of Xianju Province town near Panan road junction, the capacity of 9 million 560 thousand cubic meters, the water in autumn the red Metasequoia well-known in Zhejiang photographer in. Want to take a picture of the United States, the need for luck, Ye Hong, water, good weather, three factors together. The morning twilight of the Gu Tan reservoir, filled into picture of a mysterious fog in tulle, beautiful and dangerous. Address: gorgeous color forest Jiangnan Kanas Xianju County town of Guan Lu near Panan at the junction of || coastal redwoods (3 – Map: @ Pacific color photo Chongfu) (3: @ soul password) that match the northern Jiangnan autumn colorful, but wait until autumn November, found that too many people marvel the beauty of. For example, the office is located in the Zhejiang sea deep cove, hidden in the south of Kanas, to November, one neatly arranged, a light green, light red, touch the sky, dark red, red variety of colors intertwined, reflecting a rippling river. Along the road on foot, the mottled shadow appeared from time to time at the foot of thick lawn, on both sides of the canyon streams and reeds gently fluttering, let the heart lost in this dreamy colors, let time stay in this still beautiful like a raging fire. Address: Zhejiang 317000 Dong Cheng Zhen Tong Keng Cun || Xianju bamboo forests – Jiangnan small Jiuzhai Taizhou Xianju walk, listen to the name "Xianju", think this is beautiful. Xianju bamboo forests, known as the small southern jiuzhai. Because of the lack of public transport, the geographical position is very subtle, only chartered or car to arrive, before this, has been to set foot in Wonderland tour pal. Deep in the forest, dense willow trees and bright flowers, turning the corner of a waterfall Zhixie down, like a land of idyllic beauty. Here is the same sky blue Hai Jiuzhaigou streams, in the city have a rare feng!相关的主题文章: