Zhao Wei left for London Fashion Week fashion insulator vstart

Zhao Wei’s departure for London Fashion Week fashion fashion lead: Insulators begin after yesterday Wu Yifan left London, Zhao Wei today also opened the third London Fashion week trip, this time Zhao Wei and Wu Yifan will be unveiled along with Burberry show, here we take a look at Zhao Wei’s other fashion week. Compared with other female stars to see more than can not miss the principle of comparison, Zhao Wei in the fashion week journey is relatively simple, so far she has only seen Dior and Burberry two brands show. The first time Zhao Wei fashion week trip to Zhao Wei for the first time, Zhao Wei first Fashion Week fashion week debut was in 2006, when she attended the 2006 Paris fashion week Dior conference, said that when the Dior or John Gallian at the helm, the design style of funny let Zhao Wei this 60 thousand of the value of the first line really looks like just from the department store in Amoy to the same. The black lace decoration on the pink coat! The great curse of love, this time can only be used to alleviate the sad song. After many years of fashion, the choice of London after many years of fashion to choose London and the second appearance of the fashion week for several years, and the choice of London, okay! This is Zhao Wei body modeling fashion week debut 2013 Burberry Prorsum when the other said that when we go, literary temperament line, also cannot estimate for waist circumference is for you to know fashion, high fashion beauty and ugliness, but rival is not fat or thin, outside a red skirt collocation a dark green the leopard print windbreaker, arguably red with green legend and everyone as everyone knows, but if so wear really stop, do not highlight the stature of the silhouette and slightly messy hair, female director daily had also very hard? Zhao Wei returns to the Paris fashion week, Zhao Wei returns to the Paris fashion week and the first two as compared to Zhao Wei’s third debut fashion week to choose to return to Paris, when she attended the Dior 2014 autumn and winter fashion show, a red silk texture of the red coat, a black skirt with printed details but in the skirt, a pair of silver the high heels, embodies the elegant dress elements of women’s fashion, but the forehead two long hair is going on? Anyway, the face looks small. A recent tour of fashion week is stunning in a recent tour of fashion week is stunning and a recent Zhao Wei fashion week debut in London Fashion Week 2015. Burberry on the show, the clothes is good, a type of coat gradient color as a wrap dress to wear, the waist is sketched out. The slender leg show the charm of women, but look with meticulous care and comfortable hair, this is the best dressed female director. The third time Zhao Wei went to London Fashion Week third time Zhao Wei went to London Fashion Week this time, was invited to attend the Burberry big show Zhao Wei also departed earlier, from the exposure of the airport modeling, the white girl still, a dark week相关的主题文章: