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Yuan Wenkang: Zhao Liying was molested by "Song Shushu" is really a veteran Sohu long Zhang Junmei’s face, but love in micro-blog Po is not perfect all kinds of strange self. In the entertainment circle is resplendent with variegated coloration, the filming of the day, love actually is a person looking for a quiet life in the street alley. Love to read, even in the noisy makeup of many people in the makeup, will also hold the book quietly read. Four dogs, dogs with sun drying frequency be roughly the same honey strange self, warm male bursting properties. He’s Yuan Wenkang. Actors. In the hit series "rouge", weird Zhao Liying a nickname — "Song Shushu" to him, Lord of the rings in contact with him that afternoon, Zhao Liying made it right, he was really very "veteran" style 80. Publisher: Chen Zhaohua producer: Fan Yijun photograph: Siyu late: Liu Dong and Lin Yuexu video clip: other stars: bud Makeup: Linlin coordinator: Zhang Wenjing interview, author: Huang thinking ground: Alvin vision: SENS men’s custom suit "(" rouge "stills) (" female biography "medicine Princess stills), honey type strange self when all the people were shot down from the self, why should I repeat?" The SENS men’s custom suit: look at the face of society, even ordinary people also know to play the self elevation of 45 degrees to take the most significant face sharp, various filters, grinding, skin whitening, face is indispensible, and eat on his star? But Yuan Wenkang opened micro-blog, was beaten by him, obviously long Zhang Junmei’s face, but his self portrait is so style: the focal facing the chin from the bottom to the beat is not afraid of such a film (but don’t have a double chin…… It is naturally eat on his life): one is not enough, must also be seven grids, squares together: so lost sight of the deity, the first lord of the rings thrown: you dare to play the self is not the super confident of their appearance? I did not expect such a fun question was answered by his philosophy. "It’s not about being confident, but why do I have to repeat when all of us take the camera down? Why not try something new? These points may not be the best of what others think of me, but it’s one of the most real." Who knows most of the time in the pursuit of truth and beauty, mother did not recognize the "soap cheat" era, as an actor in Yuan Wenkang here, but did not see the face of the burden, "a lot of people pictures beauty is beauty, but not me. A complete person must be the advantages and disadvantages of the coexistence, so even if some angle shot I may not be so optimistic, but that is part of me. I have the right to express myself, in my own way." Keep warm "four male dog pet let me find the feeling of being needed, they rule my life" had heard that Yuan Wenkang was a warm man, even in the crew that the complex world, he never mean his "warm". Widely spread.相关的主题文章: