Xu Genbao China not to engage youth in the main b- sports Sohu can not play the second division-bleep

Xu Genbao: China not to engage youth in the main B-   sports Sohu can not play the second division of the night; 10 a few days ago, in the ceremony. Wu Lei won the best local striker, Cao Yunding was elected the most popular players in the mainland, the nomination of the best goalkeeper of the United States, and the selection of the best team in the lineup of the season, and the selection of the best players in the squad, including the selection of the best goalkeeper of the team, including the selection of the best goalkeeper in the world cup by the. The party scene, all smiles and their mentor Xu Genbao left. They are Genbao children. But just two weeks to Genbao has seen the domestic football league crazy burn and abnormal expansion also confirmed he is not "follow the crowd" to build a platform to spain. "The current atmosphere of how to do? How real talent? Many investors are not clear. Brokers sent overseas also a lot, there are a few real talent training? In the end, or to sell back to the country to make big money." There are 5 men in Genbao, players were recruited to participate in the training of Chinese youth…… He will continue to nurture seventy years of age Chinese football in spain. Our home court for a long time not so busy this past year, rooted in the Spanish province of Murcia town Genbao lorca. In the new team when the boss, he was too hot, but also his Xu characteristics of "ideological work" to the players over there. Last week his team home court 3 to 2 victory over Rinance, integral to their group third, and group the first gap is reduced to 2 points. Hurried Genbao to watch this game, because the team completed the renovation of his home court. This is the first game they re enabled, can accommodate 8000 people in the stadium got more than 3 thousand fans, in addition to the municipal government has been supporting the Genbao team, even the local opposition party executives also dispatched. "His team home court a long time not so lively, Xu, this is all you gave us!" In the face of the local people’s surprise, Genbao is not satisfied: "hit the second half of the season, I get 8000 seats all filled home court……" "A team of red A, two young team", this is Xu Genbao at the start of the new season to his team set goals for the first team of investment, because the Shanghai Dragon Peak Group shares, Genbao than last year doubled, from the coaching staff to the lineup was a big shake, but began to stage effect is poor. "Don’t put themselves in position! We are optimistic about the outside world public opinion, players regarded himself as the boss, in fact, the second division B levels are similar, mentality problems, results will certainly play well!" The key moment Genbao resolutely Huanshuai, and participated in the team training and competitions of the daily work, soon see the effect, the team has recently Lorca unbeaten in 8, from the integral fourteenth soared up to third, while the first four regular season final team can enter the second phase of Shanxi tournament. "The west", complete the system let Genbao and Lorca local fans, and they fought West C two team. After this year’s lineup, in addition to a goalkeeper 24 years old, all other players are all under the age of 20, the average age of about 18 years, there are still only a team of players from the Regional Youth League this year, up to 6. Their face.相关的主题文章: