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Xinjiang the whole industry chain layout UAV plant to seize the rural market – Sohu technology reporter Jin Hunan Chenzhou Tibet reported guidance according to the introduction, the current national plant protection practitioners in around 10 thousand, but the market demand in 400 thousand. In Xinjiang, only cultivate the UAV plant protection market, in order to better promote the development of uav. China in the vast rural areas, more and more drones are involved in agricultural plant protection. From September 10th to September 13th, Guiyang County, Hunan City, Chenzhou Province, the prevention and control of rice diseases and insect pests. From Hubei, Hunan several large Xinjiang MG-1 plant protection rank in 3 days on 13000 acres of paddy fields were spraying. As a consumer level UAV overlord, Xinjiang established in the second half of last year, the Department of industry applications. At present, in the field of Agriculture — Application of the main industry, Xinjiang basically built a complete plant protection including production, sales and service, customer service and flying training, employment protection, hand operation, call service and detection, the UAV industry chain. But it is worth mentioning that the original sale of technology products, agricultural machinery products sell now, how to deal with the end user, how to sell, how to do customer service, for Xinjiang all is a new topic, is a full range of difficulties. The layout of the whole industry chain of Hunan Chenzhou Philip Xinjiang agriculture is in Hunan Xinjiang 5 agents in the family, the general manager He Yi introduction, this 13000 acres of work from an agricultural dealer customers in to get the government to the anti rule operation standard, due to the heavy workload, time is tight, he how to help Yi Yi, he called to the 7 aircraft in the local, but still not enough, so to Xinjiang Hunan agricultural area manager Gao Xiuyuan for help. Gao Xiuyuan calculations to reporters, according to the Hunan local price, 13000 acres of land, 12 acres of a wallet room and board, each UAV (usually a fly with a small hand joint operation) a day can be sprayed with about 400 acres, remove the aircraft and battery loss cost about 800 yuan, each UAV daily income of about 4000 yuan. After the news, Jiangxi, Shandong, Sichuan, many agents are willing to come. Finally, select the nearest Xinjiang Hubei agents hu music, he is also wise to fly unmanned Training Center (hereinafter referred to as "UTC") in Wuhan, Optics Valley, he recommended 2 UTC graduates of Tian Xinyu and Dong Biwen. At present, they set up a "nine UAV" plant protection team, national operations for weekdays, fly (by plane spraying) the needs of farmers. According to reports, the current monthly production of Xinjiang nearly 1000 MG-1 agricultural plant protection machine, the dealer service system throughout the country. In 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, Xinjiang in each province has ranged from 1 to 5 agents. Its holdings accounted for more than half of the domestic market share, the monthly sales accounted for 70% of the overall industry sales. Dong Biwen told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report, for nearly a year of UAV plant protection, the money has come back to this. "The team fly hand salary 2500, spraying a pot of medicine Commission 7, a pot of medicine can be sprayed with 10)相关的主题文章: