Xiamen sanitation workers the hard work of uniformed personnel after the typhoon hit me by needle – cancam

Xiamen sanitation workers: the hard work of uniformed personnel after the typhoon hit me by needle – Sohu news according to friends broke the news, "Meranti" typhoon hit Xiamen, sanitation workers are days of rubbish, but yesterday (September 22nd) morning is Lujiang streets comprehensive management office director with more than ten inspectors and police beatings. Net transfer photos show more than blue uniformed personnel and sanitation workers physical altercations, head bleeding, some clothes were torn. Xiamen Siming sanitation management office staff, the causes of conflict is Lujiang Street hired to unload the garbage truck when forced to jump the queue, when the sanitation workers discourage. Siming District Party Committee Propaganda Department today (September 23rd) afternoon to respond to the aurora, the district government has this investigation, the batterer non urban management and the police, the truck driver hired for the transformation of the old company. At present, some people involved suspicion of intentional injury criminal detention by the police, government departments will announce the results of the relevant personnel. The scene, more than two people in blue uniforms and sanitation workers crowded in the garbage truck. Source: video screenshot from yesterday, the number of users post broke the news, said that the city cleaning work in "Meranti" after a typhoon, because some people jump the queue by the sanitation workers in the field to discourage waste transfer dumping and beatings. Net transfer photos can be seen, at least one person in the conflict in the head face bleeding, another two people were torn clothes. Two short video also shows some conflict scene fragments. If more than a blue uniformed personnel and sanitation workers in two crowded garbage truck side, someone shouted "let go", then from the ground up a man wearing green clothes, then, a car with "Siming sanitation on the vehicle side, people and people quarrel, blue uniforms forward, there are people with a hand blocking video shot by the mobile phone camera, stop the shooting. Wearing a red and black striped T-shirt man with white clothes to wipe the head and face. Source: @ Xiamen Shapo tail green man clothes were torn, the injured arm joint. Source: @ Xiamen Shapo tail another video shows a man wearing a red and black striped T-shirt man with white clothes to wipe the head and facial blood, and a man wearing a dark blue T-shirt clothes were torn, the noisy voice, don’t stop the Taiwanese bawl. Some netizens said in the video, a man is the Lujiang Street comprehensive management office director. This afternoon, Siming District contact Aurora city sanitation management, the staff said the inconvenience response on the matter. A source close to the aurora, the time of the incident yesterday morning at 11 pm, Lujiang Street hired vehicles carrying dead leaves to landfill, because verbal dispute forced to jump the queue and command staff, then the driver to get off the beaten vehicle street sanitation workers, sanitation and other personnel to mediate for claim. Then the street comprehensive management office director and nearly 20 uniformed men arrived, "we think they are dealing with the matter, did not expect that forced our unit two before the altercation colleagues in a chair," the person said he had tried to mediate and beaten, obvious bruising and swelling of the face at present. Sanitation workers was beaten Lin added, after a dispute between the two sides about half an hour, he was rushed to the seven or eight vehicle相关的主题文章: