Xiamen more than 1 thousand and 500 base stations to restore phone calls will be more smooth tamiflu

Xiamen more than 1 thousand and 500 base stations will be more smooth recovery of mobile phone newspaper news (reporter Wu Haikui) yesterday, reporters from the Chinese tower Xiamen branch learned that typhoon "Meranti" hit for the communication base station in Xiamen area, which is a lot of people on the network can not reflect the main reason of mobile phone, the phone can not play. As of September 16th 11, the Xiamen mobile communication (including mobile, China Unicom, the three major telecom operators) base station blackout cumulative 5101, more than 65% of the base station suffered a power outage, more than 320 base stations affected by the typhoon severely damaged, including the District of Xiangan new town post office 70 meters above the ground, dumping angle steel tower in Jimei district town electric power bureau the roof 30 meters angle steel tower and roof damage, dumping of base station antenna pole, the ground was dumped cabinet tree crushed. China tower headquarters monitoring center on the morning of 14 video conference, Fujian province tower monitoring center comprehensive coordination and command, flood prevention emergency communications security work, Shantou, Meizhou, Jieyang, Chaozhou and other brothers have rushed to Xiamen city support team. As of the morning of September 16th, Xiamen tower company has sent rescue personnel 936 people, rescue vehicles 248 times, 479 times of emergency oil machine, power outage has been restored 1532 base station. With the rescue work continues to advance, the number of points to restore the base station will be further increased, when people use mobile phones will be more smooth. (Xiamen network (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: