Xbox one can run Nintendo game but suffered Microsoft ban

Xbox One can run the Nintendo game but suffered Microsoft ban Xbox developed by the NesBox developer’s universal simulator that allows users to run Nintendo games on Windows 10. This application also has Xbox One version, and has been approved by Microsoft in the Xbox One application store shelves, but now, Microsoft does not approve the application. The application developer said on twitter, universal simulator has previously been certified by Xbox One in the Xbox On store, but soon after the encounter deleted. Microsoft said that this is not an application, it belongs to the game category, and therefore need to be approved by the Xbox game related audit (ID@Xbox). Currently the application can still be downloaded in HoloLens, PC, mobile phone and SurfaceHub application store. However, NesBox developers use a web page, so that the Xbox One Edge in the browser to run the simulation program, which is a solution to bypass Microsoft control. The simulator itself is not illegal, but access to the game ROM illegal, Microsoft does not want Nintendo’s lawyer to find it three times a day.相关的主题文章: