Wu Qingxin, former director of the Haikou military station was indicted on suspicion of bribery 1 mi winflash

Haikou army for the station former director Wu Qingxin indicted on suspicion of bribery 1 million 290 thousand Sohu – Military Channel of Haikou City rations supply management station of former director Wu Qingxin alleged bribery, embezzlement, breach of privilege, Haikou supplies management station of loan of 6 million 410 thousand yuan can not be returned. The case by the Haikou Municipal People’s Procuratorate investigation and prosecution to the court. October 11th, the Haikou intermediate people’s court hearing the case. Wu Qingxin was accused of taking bribes 1 million 290 thousand yuan, to sign a false agreement with the "partners" taking public funds to set up small Treasuries, and 50 thousand yuan interception of private, causing significant loss of breach of privilege rations supply station. The 53 year old Wu Qingxin is Hainan, Chengmai, Haikou city served as commissary management station (hereinafter referred to in the station for many years director). In 2008, Wu Qingxin general station for illegal grain reserves rotation business contracted to the reputation of the Hainan new company, Hainan Yu new company with the military for the station signed giubt illegal agreement, free use of low interest, National Agricultural Development Bank policy interest free loans, so as to obtain national special policy loans for their own use, at the same time for the military station with the reputation of the Haikou grain and oil trade company signed a new long-term contract provisions. Thank you for Wu Qingxin in the process of purchase and sale of grain and grain rotation business provide help, the reputation of the Haikou new grain and Oil Trade Corporation Liang multiple gave Wu Qingxin commissions 970 thousand yuan. During the period from 2008 to 2010, Hainan Weilong Corporation zhuangmou to thank Wu Qingxin for the station generation wheel, store and business provide support and help in the company and the army, repeatedly sent Wu Qingxin commissions totaling 100 thousand yuan. During the period from 2012 to 2014, Jiangxi Wantong company affiliated Chen et al construction of the Haikou army for army building and station for warehouse project, thanks to Wu Qingxin’s support and help, Chen repeatedly sent Wu Qingxin 110 thousand yuan. Haikou city procuratorate accused, from 2008 to 2014, Wu Qingxin use of the hands of the authority, accepting Liang, Zhuang a total of 1 million 290 thousand yuan of benefits. For taking this matter, the court said Wu Qingxin I pleaded my repentance, willing to accept legal punishment, but Wu fresh admit only received 450 thousand yuan. Wu Qingxin received benefits, but to the military station to bring significant losses. The prosecution alleged, Wu Qingxin violations will be entrusted to the new company’s grain reserves do not have the qualifications for rotation, and neglect of grain rotation and regulate the use of loans, breach of privilege, resulting in Haikou city in the station for lack of storage grain reserves of 1231 tons, equivalent to 6 million 155 thousand yuan, 400 thousand yuan deposit storage company to pay to get rid of known new button the military for the station, standing in the army for Grain Reserve business losses of nearly 5 million 930 thousand yuan can not be recovered, resulting in food quality compliance rate of 0%, the Haikou army for the station a loan of 6 million 410 thousand yuan can not be returned. During the period from 2008 to 2014, Wu Qingxin in order to obtain the funds for the unit cost, the use of his position, for the name of the company with the new Israeli Fitch station signed Grain Reserve warehouse rental terms false, namely the name for the station to pay rent to the Israeli public funds remitted to the reputation of new company account, and then by the general manager of the new company in accordance with a known beam the amount of rent tax deducted signed after the return to the army for the station. In fact, according to.相关的主题文章: