Wood flooring installation requirements laying time-ddrtys

Wood flooring installation requirements should be laying down the laying of the top-down construction operation, the first to do the top, then do the wall, and finally laying wood floors. Prior to installation and construction of the ground must be clean, dry and smooth surface without debris. If the ground is wet, until dry before construction, such as the time available, linoleum or other moisture-proof material bedding before construction. The keel must use dry wood moisture content below 14%, keel construction must be planed, and unified with the horizontal keel height, ensure the smoothness of flooring. Should not be fixed with cement keel, so as not to damp the deformation of the floor, such as cement must be fixed, then should be allowed to cement and ground keel after the completion of the construction of dry. Wood floor in the construction of 48 hours before the packaging should be opened in the absence of strong sunlight indoor, in order to adapt to the surrounding humidity. Wood flooring before laying in the back to be coated with a layer of moisture-proof protective paint, and then laying the floor. The wooden floor of the assembly, should be the first to use the gun drilling, and then nail nail flooring, you cannot directly use the nail into the floor, do not use any adhesive. Expansion joints must be left in the floor assembly. Such as 20 square meters of the room, the general floor to the wall to stay about 1 cm expansion joints, in order to climate change when the floor expansion. The wood floor is assembled and must be polished and painted as soon as possible.相关的主题文章: