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Woman, how to let her husband love you for a lifetime to pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: Tea girl some people say that a woman love is a lifetime, men often is that for a while. Actually otherwise. Men are like children, need a woman’s love and guidance; a good woman is like a school, can cultivate the best graduates. In this school, wives cultivate good husband are homegrown, no man can be self-taught. A woman can let her husband spoil his life, the initiative is entirely in itself. What is it that guides a woman to be angry? Because the man in her work did not pick her; because the man rented DVD voice not hurt her annoyance; because you know she did not worry in her arms in the console…… And then there’s an endless noise. The evolution of a woman angry, many kindness benefits will be forgotten. Eight hundred years ago all Chen sesame rotten millet churn, all the unhappy quarrel enumerated, and memory in an unprecedented display of this moment. Often get terrified men unable to parry. If they see the relationship between husband and wife, the man is a heinous villain, but the couple early enduanyijue, good woman. Happy time, before the contradictions vanish, as the world’s most beautiful couple. Be good at discovering the strengths of the husband’s "weaknesses" husband’s so-called "weaknesses", many of which you already know before marriage, especially those that fight against the achievements of their parents. Since you have accepted, choose, do not always feel wronged. Not to take their husband’s weaknesses and her husband’s strengths than. This is down, will better than her husband Nothing is right. And it is not fair. Each family has its own problems, but you are far away, do not see other people’s troubles. Weaknesses the husband did not give his wife to buy 15 yuan a pound of grapes, not to buy fashionable clothing, not from the overall consideration of family. Any expenditure of marriage, to two people sharing. The construction of new homes to pay hard, saving money is also necessary, to want to be thinking about buying a car, with an air of importance, thinking of raising children. The hands of the money can not break the broken flowers. It’s a lot more to spend, and that one has to be tight. The other side is cheap, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Feelings need to maintain the feelings need to develop, but also the need for care, the other side to love you, nor is the reason for self indulgence, do not use the temper test love." (photo from panorama) more exciting content to pay attention to @ Sina women (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: