With China driving to enjoy 318 Dream Tour Tourism – Sohu-minmi

With China driving to enjoy the 318 Dream Tour – Sohu tourism of Tibet autonomous region in 2016 of the first self driving tour RV camping Development Summit and the first run China drive to enjoy the 318 "dream trip driving success in September 19th by China Chinese Tourism Association, Tourism Travel Association, Tourism Association, the Tibet Autonomous Region People’s Government of Linzhi City Guide sponsored by the eight Guangdong County of Linzhi City Tourism Bureau, Linzhi City Tourism Bureau, Guangdong Tibet task force, Changdu Municipal People’s government, the Tibet autonomous region in 2016 of the first tour of RV camping Development Summit and the first" rampant China drive to enjoy the 318 "dream trip driving" the success of self driving. All the way along the beautiful poem! Driving Tibet, feel the gallop and freedom on the road, becoming more and more people’s choice. The difference is that the event lasted three days, from Ukraine to 318 National Highway in Linzhi the most beautiful road, a road feel blue ice and autumn sun, more deeply into every area, into the local folk culture, perception of Tibetan fine beauty. All the guests and fans will gather in Tibet, with Chinese, opened the contention of a hundred schools of thought history, the largest reservoir of self driving tourism professional activities. This will change along the 318 driving mode in tourism promotion, tourism, the proportion of the income the weaker condition of self driving, let friends get access to travel in Tibet in road shock and boundless, also can analyze every scenic spot, into the local folk custom, the perception of her fine beauty. This is to promote the promotion of self driving line in Tibet, promote self driving tourist attractions, to promote self driving tour reception pilot construction has a profound practical significance. The dream trip will start from the Wuzhen, along highway 318 West, Lu Langzhen, arrived in Linzhi Bayi town. In September 16th, the friends will be arriving late to Ukraine, burning bonfire, morning to see the sunrise. The next two days, in an open up a fresh outlook Wu self driving car camp after the opening ceremony, the friends will be followed by a visit to valley glaciers, Rouland scenic area, Linhai viewing, Shergyla Mountain Worship the mountain ceremony, encounter snow capped mountains, woodlands, meadows, gardens, pastures, Koyama, green barley, sheep and cattle and sheep the song…… At the same time, invited hundreds of government, the association will focus on the 318 guests along the drive to build in-depth discussion. September 17th and 18, the "self driving Tourism Development Forum of the 318 line", "Lu Lang Tourism Forum" will be held at the same time, Wu and Lu Lang. 19, 2009, Tibet self driving summit will be held in Bayi town. At the meeting, the provinces will be jointly signed by the association of self driving regional cooperation agreement; district brigade issued a letter of intent with the well-known Club investment agreement signed. The flower border, continued the dream moon, one hundred thousand vehicles, the self driving tour, discover the beauty of Tibet.相关的主题文章: