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Winter light an aromatherapy candle to heal the world (original title: Winter lit a candle lit up the warmth of the world!) Lead: cold winter, might as well in the night to bring home the point a candle, the whole room is easy! The candle has now become an integral part of life for many people, when you are in a bad mood, confused, when exhausted, candles, let small candle slowly shine into your heart, close your eyes and let the aroma slowly disperse all the troubles. This is the meaning of candles! (source: StyleMode Chinese network Author: Sara) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Tips: candle burning candles are divided into paraffin wax and plant wax, plant wax, which is represented by soybean wax. The melting point of paraffin wax is relatively high, so it melts down the wax will be very hot, but also prone to smoke; and plant wax melting point is relatively low, so the wax melted down but feels warm, it is not easy to produce black smoke. It is not to say that the wax itself is not good, the regular brand processing technology will not have any problems in general, just for example, there are pregnant women who want to be relatively safe, you can use soy wax products. Avoid black smoke black smoke this thing is very annoying, not only harmful to the human body, attached to the ceiling on the wall can not rub rub. Avoid black smoke is the selection of the quality of the product, and trim the wick. After pruning standards lit the candle wick is of medium size, a jump of, this is the correct. Should 6~8mm each time to trim the wick candles before recommendations can buy a special wick cut, because it already has a standard length of wick thickness, so it is very convenient. The principle of burning candles burning every time, I must remember to form a flat wax pool in order to extinguish, so that the candle will be smooth combustion. Instead of burning a hole in the middle of the candle, the hole will always be there, resulting in a waste of candles. When the method of extinguishing the candle out a candle is best not to use the mouth to blow, it will blow out white smoke and smell. The lid can go out a candle to buy special, or take a large glass back cover candles (alcohol lamp or extinguish the principle of reference) with a cotton swab to tear down the wick in the wax pool, let the candle to cover the candle and white smoke, and then back to completely extinguish the vertical state.相关的主题文章: