Will give up the cause of love for the constellation of men (Figure) verbal jint

Would love to give up for the cause of the constellation of men (Figure) the lucky origami – blog] for the cause of love to give up in the constellation of men "by the husband and wife Pepsi" many men in the constellation cause no improvement in time, most are reluctant to choose to enter marriage. If you have to choose between career and love two, they will choose to give up the cause of love. First name: Capricorn Capricorn people are very practical, his life is always a great goal and plan to wait for him, all the facts and details should not hurt the plan as the premise, if in order to little passions and allow yourself to be stuck, thus narrowing the pattern, think this is very Capricorn no, he will be very calm judgment from a love affair to a successful career. They will think that the days ahead will be bigger and the road will be longer. Second: Aries Aries people are one way to black, and do not give up, see the Yellow River did not give up, if when he faced love and career choice, he would rather a person hard is not willing to pull together and suffer themselves, at this time no matter the sheep the mind is not very calm, his goals and aspirations is difficult because a relationship break, even if it will cost in sheep seem worth. Third: Aquarius that hopeless love makes him feel very terrible, for each other what have to give up this idea that Aquarius is very unhealthy, in Aquarius cognition, healthy relationship should be a certain distance from each other, we have to remain sober, under his sensible idea, he think if you do choose to love each other, that is a problem, that he would rather choose the right path, that is to do business without love. Fourth: Leo think life to enjoy by the husband and wife Pepsi, he thought this kind of life also have no meaning, Leo wants her to be successful, can use the good life on the other half, this can make Leo have a sense of achievement, whether it is Leo will think he could not lift up, ordinary life will make the lion feel alive meaningless, any hesitation for such a choice of the lion won’t even think it’s every man, he would have done. Fifth: the importance of cancer is to realize the material life, they believe that it did not bring as the basis can’t keep long, crab is not hope for food and sorrow, in the cause of no clear goals, but cannot love people own the club feel ideal living environment, anyway are suffering, so give up love only for crab is the only option, the rest is only yourself to go through. Until kaigegaozou, such as the unseparated, it will make more crab with a sense of accomplishment.相关的主题文章: