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Why did you make so much money for those classes? 1 money is psychology contest this person special training class I love children, love said nicely calls to their investment, said normal, is idle thing to find dry. Always feel that their vision is limited, want to follow the stronger people learn something. So, after becoming a full-time mother, the first thing is to brush a variety of school sites, looking for a variety of training courses. In the course of these training courses, I found a problem. I’ve heard people say, those on the market for expensive training class is a liar, no what are in use, get money. I think those training classes or teachers regardless of the course is very good now, there is not deceive you, they really make money, not expensive tuition, let the teacher is not opportunistic, but because you simply insist on not down. For example, one of my courses, divided into online and offline courses, to go to school under the line, the line on the network to complete their own. When the class began, almost every day I have to learn in school for 2-4 hours online every day 2-3 class, back a small study, tired, even my family all said how suddenly so hard, in fact, is the curriculum too much, not finish school. Take a child out of the middle of the week to travel, the child was sick for a week did not go to school, the system shows that I have 70 classes did not…… If I am a full-time wife + full-time mother did not have time to finish these classes, then those who usually go to work, rely on the work of the office workers to do? Obviously, after 1-2 months of high-intensity learning, 90% of office workers will choose to give up. I carefully counted, if the tuition for a year divided by the course, one hour tuition only 16 dollars, plus the global research and development of teaching system, the global allocation of teacher resources, teachers’ online learning system for 24 hours, add up the cost of the school was closed. But how many students can finish all the courses? It’s a good deal to be half finished. So, whether it is high school tuition, or at the gym, or any training class, make money, do not play tricks in the teaching content, but to most people, when the application is enthusiastic, feel to be Curve Wrecker, etc. reported complete name, have to the fact that Yu Pingjing. Of course, if tuition is cheap? It’s a psychological contest. People have always paid no attention to the things that are not very concerned about, throw it away, ten pieces of the eight, it does not matter. Most people reported a lot of WeChat online courses, such as more than and 100 pieces of seven or eight classes, how many people click on time to listen to it? Self-study, is not more economical and effective? Maybe you want to ask, should we go to self-study? Self study is not able to let us save money and effective? In fact, to vary. My personal experience is that I never teach myself. Why? First of all, the problem of self-control, if you have self-control, who had been admitted to Harvard Yale, and not confused with here. Followed by the intake of learning resources, very)相关的主题文章: