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UnCategorized Earlier this year, Congress passed a new health care bill, better known as "Obamacare", in an effort to clean up the health care industry, and make medical treatment more affordable for all Americans. While the first of the benefits of this plan have just been put into effect, many citizens have been left with more questions than answers. In fact, many people do not understand the health care reform at all, and are wondering what exactly it entails, along with how it is really going to affect them personally. Throughout his quest to reform the health care industry, President Obama has been promoting his new bill in the following ways: -The new bill will prevent insurance .panies from placing yearly limits on coverage; -The new bill will eliminate restrictions on healthcare benefits; -The new bill will provide insurance to all children, regardless of any preexisting health concerns. These are just a few of the supposed benefits of Obamacare, with the promise of more results to .e to light in the future. While these benefits cannot really be disputed, and just about everyone will agree that the health insurance industry should be reformed, what has left people scratching their heads and demanding that leaders repeal Obamacare is the issue of how much this plan is really going to cost, and just who is going to end up footing the bill. In an effort to help clarify these issues, the President has set up a website that explains his plan. What is both interesting and concerning is that nowhere in the information does it state the true cost, or who will actually end up paying. The wording of the information further frustrates citizens because it alludes to the fact that it will not cost anyone, anything! As just about everyone knows, there is no such thing as something for nothing. This means that the health care bill will in fact cost something, and in all estimations it will not .e cheap. The President has stated many times that he intends to raise taxes on the upper class in an effort to help cover more government expenses. While many people do not oppose this idea, the fact of the matter is the rich will not end up paying for the health care reform. By all assessments, the people who will truly end up paying the very high cost of Obamacare are the lower in.e Americans who are already struggling to pay their bills and medical care. These are the very people who were promised the most benefit from the plan in the first place, yet they will end up with an even greater burden. Most people agree that something certainly has to be done to fix the health care industry. With the current state of the economy, the high cost of care, and the sick and elderly struggling to make ends meet the most, action does need to be taken. That being said, most will also agree that this version of health care reform is not the answer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: