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Cancer Breast cancer is a disease which isn’t very well defined, but there are prominent causes that lead to it. If you show some or all of these symptoms, your risk of getting breast cancer naturally increases. However, it is necessary to add that even with all the symptoms, you might not get the cancer, as a rule. Causes are not a foolproof way of calculating your risks of getting breast cancer, and should never be the only factor in calculating the risks. You can get a car accident if you as much as drive a car, but so many factors .e into play that it’s very hard to designate the risks to a single factor, if at all, it can be done. The same goes for breast cancer. One thing is true and that is the risk for getting breast cancer goes up as you get older. That is something that just cannot be taken out of the equation. It is also said that one has a greater chance of developing it if someone in the family has also been diagnosed which makes one think that genetics may play factor on whether or not you may get it. Race does not really make that much of a difference, but it also depends on who you talk to. Many researchers have said that women who don’t have kids until a later age may have a higher chance, but then that is part of the age factor. Men do get breast cancer as well, but their numbers are not nearly as high as the number of women who get diagnosed. There is still a lot of research going on when it .es to whether or not birth control plays a big part in developing this cancer. There is always debate on this subject, but more research needs to go into it before they can solidly say for sure whether it does or not. Alcohol is said to increase the risks considerably, but as it goes, alcohol can increase the risks for any type of cancer. Cutting down the number of alcoholic beverages you consume is a good idea, and if your risk factor is high, total abstinence from alcohol helps. Obese people or people with weight and dietary issues have a higher risk factor, too. Obesity and weight problems degrade generals health and create problems in many .ans, breast being one. The preventive measure is simply exercising more frequently, and more thoroughly. Prevention has a major role to play in the fight against breast cancer. As stated above, there are so many different causes for getting breast cancer; it is hard to pinpoint the exact one that will cause it in every case. As more research goes on however, we may be able to find that one key, and if we are able to do that, then we can help even more people prevent themselves from developing it, and beating it quicker. Causes for developing breast cancer are innumerable, and very variable, and pinning down one of them to be the major cause is not possible. However, with research revealing new facts, the one major cause can be discovered, and then, prevention can cut down a high percentage of developing the disease, diagnosis will be better, and cure, faster. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: