What are the advantages of the original car paint what car paint is not easy to draw flowers (video) zhuxianduowan

What are the advantages of the original paint what the paint is not easy to be scratched the six car maintenance method under the wrong car to hurt the paint on the market at present, various maintenance methods are to promote the protection of the original car paint, whether it is coated, plated crystal or invisible garment or normally used in sewing or is to protect the original paint, but do you know the original paint what is it? In any case before the small series do not know, then the original car to say that the original car paint to protect what is it? With this doubt, Xiao Bian to check a lot of information, the following to explain to you, what is the original car paint, why to protect the original car paint, the original car paint what are the advantages? What is the original car paint? As the name suggests, the original car paint is the car in the factory when all the paint. First of all, to understand the structure of the car paint: in the process of body painting, different stages of the use of different coatings, different coatings to form different coatings. In the body of the plate, electrophoresis layer, coating, paint and varnish paint layer layer four layer, the four layer of paint together constitute the paint layer of our visual income, that is we often say that the original factory paint shop, and later 4S (or 4S shop) in the repair of rub after the paint is only part of the coating, paint layer + + varnish layer. The role of the original car paint paint layer? Electrophoresis layer: directly attached to the white body, the body has anti-corrosion protection, and provide a good environment for the adhesion of the coating. In the UV coating: attachment in the electrophoresis layer, protection layer, electrophoresis, and strengthening the corrosion protection of the body, to provide a good environment for the adhesion of paint layers in the coating, some manufacturers can also paint on the role of a foil hue. Paint layers: attached to the coating, further strengthening the corrosion protection of the body, and show a variety of color hue, we see is the color paint layer display. Varnish layer: attached to the paint layer, further strengthen the corrosion protection of the body, and to protect the paint layer from a tiny scratch, make the color more bright, slow fading. The original factory paint value: original paint containing phosphating passivation layer is the original paint proprietary structure, then spray paint is used instead of putty phosphating layer, which greatly weakened the combination degree of iron and paint, and putty itself contains serious corrosion of iron, itself is a kind of hurt. For a long time on the overall condition is very unfavorable. The construction environment of the original car paint is in the construction of an absolutely clean workshop, which avoids the flying dust in the process of painting. Construction materials factory paint is far superior to spray paint, the original paint is paint computer precision completely, not only bright color, natural, and long service life, often in spray paint, will form the complete two visual effects, even the color difference is extremely obvious. The original paint paint process is no interior in the whole car, the baking temperature to 180 degrees without any 160 parts, make the paint and iron more fully integrated, more firmly. Why is it that after spraying car paint? After spraying the paint shop construction workshop is completely not the same as the original car paint, there are those who actually built in the yard. In this way, the flying dust in the air and the pollution are combined with the paint to spray on the surface of the vehicle body, thereby causing the automobile paint to be not smooth.相关的主题文章: