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Want to children character sunshine? So don’t miss the 4 personality before the age of seven critical period – Sohu [original] maternal and infant children said, please mark the source why some children lively sunshine? Some children shy shy? Why are some children active, but some lazy passive? Why do some children have unlimited imagination and creativity, and some are narrow minded? In addition to the nature of some of the reasons, more depends on the child’s growth environment and parental rearing patterns. 4 personality during the critical period of children before the age of 7, will affect their future decades of life character, so no wonder people say "7 years old". American development psychologist (children’s psychological growth) Erikson believes that each stage of the growth of children have a special social psychological tasks, smooth building will be conducive to the healthy development of personality. Therefore, parents of children before the age of 7, a good grasp of the 4 personality critical period, let the children’s character better and more sunshine is not difficult. 0~2, trust the establishment of wrong education way: "crying holding, crying to hold"; hold the Child Toddler suddenly let go; deceive children, such as children not to let mother go to work, the mother cheated children did not go, when the children have fun when the mother sneaked away; children do not listen to adults all kinds of threats, the most common is to say "I don’t want you", "outside the wolf", "you are my mother from the trash picked up", "you again…… I hit you, too early to tell the children a horror of fairy tales, such as "Little Red Riding Hood". Error: the child will raise the consequences too sticky, serious separation anxiety, timid, cowardly, shy, do not love to try and explore, prudish. How to build a child’s sense of trust? The best of breastfeeding, many hugs and kisses children, concerned about the child’s behavior, timely response to the child’s crying; no matter what time, children should not threats and intimidation, not to suddenly disappear in front of the children. Some adults with children in love to play hide, when children cry out; even some adults in order not to let the children climb, when children climbed aloft while clutching a child suddenly pushed the child was scared to cry, these actions are very ignorant. To provide children with a safe and warm environment for growth, once the child’s sense of security caused injury, then in the course of their lives in the future, there is no sense of security everywhere. 2~4, the establishment of independent sense of wrong parenting: over protective, can’t do this to do that, too restrictive; worry about children hungry and fed, worried that their children don’t understand and help dress shoes, love children and help with toys and other children afraid of the dirty wet pants arranged; and the time to put the urine shit; too much love to children, a good half day, watch TV or let the children give children eat food alone. Error: the child will raise the consequences of not assertive, strong dependence, independent consciousness, dare to explore love, poor self-control, follow the prescribed order; selfish, don’t understand others..相关的主题文章: