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WAL-MART holdings of shares of the Jingdong to 10.8%  by the board of directors; observers — Finance — people.com.cn original title: WAL-MART holdings of shares of the Jingdong by the board of directors to 10.8% observers JINGWAH Times News (reporter Shi Zhijun) the reporter learned yesterday, WAL-MART shares of Jingdong from 5.9% to 10.8%. Informed sources, the move to allow WAL-MART access to the board of directors of Jingdong observer status. It is reported that WAL-MART in its latest regulatory documents submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosure of holdings of shares of Jingdong information. Informed sources said that WAL-MART and Jingdong earlier trading has been identified, WAL-MART can be held by the board of directors to identify the identity of the holdings of shares. Currently, Tencent is the only partner in the strategic partner of Jingdong has a board of directors of the company. Back in June of this year, WAL-MART and Jingdong marriage. Jingdong and WAL-MART jointly announced the depth of strategic cooperation, WAL-MART’s No. 1 store into Jingdong, while WAL-MART access to approximately 5% stake in Jingdong. According to the agreement reached by the parties at the time, WAL-MART acquired Jingdong newly issued about 145 million class a common stock, about 5% of the number of total issued share capital of the Jingdong, the Jingdong price was calculated, the transaction price is about $1 billion 500 million, equivalent to less than RMB 10 billion yuan. (commissioning editor: Dong Sirui, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: