Wage earners is no longer a dream to buy a car, 0 yuan to open a new home is a trap – Sohu car doat

The working group is no longer a dream car, the car 0 yuan home "trap" – Sohu car loan to buy a house is a common behavior, but in recent years the car loans are becoming increasingly common, people are very love to join a Shoufu car. But with the rapid development of the financial industry and the automotive service industry, the market rolled up a 0 down payment Car Buying upsurge, whether such a new Car Buying way what are the advantages and disadvantages, we face 0 Shoufu consumers and matters which need attention? Today, I will take you to find out what, uncover the true face of 0 pay car! 0 yuan car what are the benefits? For those entering the workplace or shame in the bag, 0 down payment can help them easily achieve a dream car, after all, you only have to pay a small amount of cash (mainly purchase tax, travel tax and other taxes and fees) can drive a favorite car. This is equivalent to your own salary in advance overdraft, but you do not pay all the money, you can live a car owner’s life, there is no doubt that this is a very attractive thing! In real life, many people are forced to buy a car and a car, marriage or under the neighborhood comparison, this will often bring consumers economic pressure is not small, 0 down payment on the emergence of a very good solution to this problem is very embarrassing. You may indeed have a little savings, but you have to consider the cost of living after buying a car, 0 down payment is to break the pressure, so that you will not be forced to buy a car. From the current point of view, the popularity of 0 down payment unusually fast, the vast majority of models are supported by this service, because the deposit will not be enough time to buy a car has passed. Now the first part of the car to pay 0 car manufacturers have their own initiative, as well as some banks and other financial institutions to support, there is a great difference between them, so when buying a car to ask. When you choose 0 Shoufu Car Buying at the same time, businesses will generally provide loan services, compared with normal commercial loans, these loans most of them will provide all in one service, and the loan rate are relatively fast. If you encounter vendors to engage in activities, the discount rate of the loan can be greater, and the 0 down payment car partner up the effect is very good. See terms and conditions before signing as the saying goes "fleece", actually 0 Shoufu car or a certain "trap", which we need to ask more and more to be in a specific operation. Most of the 0 down payment is a marketing tool, it is only for naked car prices, but it is bound to bring some complex terms and repayment rules. A common 0 down payment is to mention the car of $0, two or three years (specific time to see the agreement) in accordance with the contract will be paid off the car can be, during the enjoyment of interest free services. In this way, you need to consider the cost of other naked car outside, 0 Shoufu after you can enjoy the price discount? Whether it will be forced to give up the enjoyment of the national car policy? Will it be bundled with some mandatory maintenance requirements? Is the car a defective inventory? Must pay more attention to the contract, it is best to carefully calculate, whether it is cost-effective! )相关的主题文章: