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Washington State mall shootings killed 5 people FBI called non terrorist acts – Beijing, China News Agency, San Francisco in September 24, FBI officials said on the FBI24, there is no evidence that the 23 evening in Washington, Burlington town of Messi department store shooting as a terrorist acts. A total of 4 women and 1 men died in the incident, the police are searching for a black to dark skinned young male gunman. Comprehensive "USA Today" newspaper and Nbc National Broadcasting Company ABC television reported in Seattle, deputy director of the police station Chris cammock Vernon? On the morning of 24 said at a news conference on the evening of 23, about 7 or so, a black, dark complexion, 20 year old man in the cascades shopping center in Burlington, Messi. The cosmetics counter area shooting. Surveillance video shows the man in the store for 10 minutes or so, carry a similar hunting rifle, fled toward the 4 women, 1 men shot after leaving the highway towards the direction of. 4 women died on the spot, the man was taken to hospital after treatment. Mark, a spokesman for the state highway patrol office in Washington, said the authorities believe the gunman is independent, the motive is unclear, it is unclear the relationship between the victim and the gunman. Burlington 65 miles north of Seattle (104 km). That night the police dispatched 11 teams and two police dogs to search in the vicinity of the place where the large range, and distributed according to the surveillance video to print out the gunman photos, appealed to the public to provide clues, and warned the people and businesses stay indoors, to ensure the safety of. Assist local law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation of FBI officials, 24, said there is no evidence that there are other attacks, there is no evidence that the shooting is a terrorist act. Washington state governor Jay? Insley said in a statement released to mourn the victims of the shooting and relatives. (end)相关的主题文章: