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Tsinghua high school construction site collapse pull bribery case an engineer jailed for bribery Beijing – December 29, 2014, Tsinghua high school built in the gymnasium and dormitory building site scaffolding collapsed, the accident caused a total of 10 people were killed and 4 injured. By the end of 2015, Haidian court of first instance in the sentence, Beijing construction of a building construction company and a subsidiary of Tsinghua University Business Project Manager Yang Zezhong and other 15 people due to major liability accident crime were sentenced to 3 years to 6 years in prison. Yang Zezhong and other 3 people were arrested, but also revealed that the Tsinghua University, the Department of planning and construction of the Engineering Department of Su bribery. Recently, the Haidian court of First Instance sentenced to 6 months in prison for taking bribes, suspended for one year. Received 57 thousand yuan of mahogany furniture, the 60 year old Su is Beijing City, before the incident is the Tsinghua University infrastructure planning office staff, on suspicion of the crime of accepting bribes in June 4, 2015 was released on bail. The court found that from July 2014 to December 2014, Su served during the Tsinghua high school gymnasium and dormitory building project construction of professional engineers, taking advantage of his position, to provide help for the contractor, accepting the Beijing construction of a building construction company, and a company of Tsinghua University Project Business Manager Yang Zezhong, executive Manager Wang Jingli gave the total value of 6000 yuan shopping card, Yang Zezhong received for the purchase of a total of 57000 yuan worth of furniture. December 29, 2014, Tsinghua high school gymnasium occurred and dormitory building project after the accident, sue to cover up the crime to Yang Zezhong refund amount of RMB 57000 yuan of furniture. June 4, 2015, Su by telephone subpoena, after appearing in court truthfully confessed the facts of the crime, and pay back the money 5000 yuan; in the courts, sumou return the proceeds of 1000 yuan. Sentenced to six months probation for one year, it is understood that sumou sacked due to being reported. Collapse at the Tsinghua high school construction site scaffolding case, project leader Yang Zezhong, Wang Jingli, Wang Yingxiong after appearing in court, the facts of the crime are mahogany furniture exposed to the Tsinghua University Infrastructure Planning Engineer at the Su bribery of a value of RMB 5 million yuan. In the trial, sumou allegations against the prosecution of the facts and charges did not raise substantive objections. His lawyer that sumou automatically surrendered after the crime, and truthfully confessed the crime, has voluntarily surrendered themselves; and actively pay back all the money involved, sincere repentance, the court drew on the lenient punishment. The court held that the Soviet Union as a national staff, taking advantage of his position, illegally accepting other people’s property, a larger amount, to seek benefits for others, his behavior constituted bribery, should be punished. Court to sue guilty of bribery and sentenced him to 6 months imprisonment, suspended for 1 years, a fine of RMB 100 thousand yuan. 15 people were jailed for accident in Beijing construction of a building construction company, and a branch in June 2014 for the construction of Tsinghua high school gymnasium and dormitory building project, in December 29th of the same year, because the construction side Anyang Chengcheng construction labor limited liability company personnel illegal construction, the construction of column base相关的主题文章: