To really burn! Winter heating or electric warmer poper

To really burn! Winter heating or electric warmer is more and more cold in the north, but then boil a few days to warm up like. Relative to the north, south a few families in heating, more is to use air conditioning and heating, but also useful to warm and electric heater. Recently, the netizen says is cold in micro-blog Meng Tucao, opened a night of all air conditioning refrigeration, also had a lot of power; there are also netizens Tucao, in Jiezhuang gas heating, but really burn, 130 new gas fee was broken 2K. In contrast, the use of electric heating in winter is still relatively reliable. So the question is, if you want to start an electric heater in the winter, you need to pay attention to what? What are the types of electric heaters? As the saying goes, we can win. The same is true when you buy an electric heater. First of all, we have to understand it. At present, the market of the electric heater products according to the heating mode can be divided into quartz tube heater, electric heating wire heater, oil heater electric heater, heater, carbon fiber, electrothermal film heater, convection heater and other types, advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of electric heater. Next, the world wide network of home appliances and everyone together to talk about people often buy four kinds of electric heating equipment. Electric heater oil heater electric heater start oil heater, when the power is turned on, the electric heating tube heat conduction oil around the heated, then scattered along the heat pipe or air. When the temperature reached 85 degrees, the temperature control element is automatically cut off. This electric heater heat transfer oil without replacement, long service life, the price is generally between 400~500 yuan. Suitable for use in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, corridor and the home for the elderly and children. Disadvantage is slow heat dissipation, power consumption. The electric heating wire heater heater with electric heating wire heater as heating material is mainly on the market more and more traditional heaters. The electric heating wire heating body, the fan will blow out heat generated by electric heating wires. There is a new product on the market now that resembles a fan shape, which is composed of a heating wire wound around a ceramic insulation seat heating, using the heat reflecting surface diffusion into the room. This kind of heater with fan, automatic rotation, heating to the whole room, suitable for use in a small room less than 8 square meters. The new product also has the function of ultrasonic humidification, releasing oxygen anion, broadband spectrum and so on. The disadvantage is shut down after the temperature drops quickly, the heating range is small, and the consumption of oxygen, long-term use of the electric heating wire is easy to rupture. Due to the low cost of electric wire itself, so the appearance of broken wire, maintenance will not be overburdened.   the electric heating wire heater durable, not easy to aging, precise temperature control, very low power consumption energy saving; however, after stopping the temperature drops quickly, the scope for the small, and the consumption of oxygen, long-term use of electric heating wire is prone to fracture, using small size products. The electrothermal film heater electric heating film heater made of transparent high temperature electrothermal film heating material, in the world’s advanced level in the process. This kind of product hot start speed, air temperature can reach 100 DEG C within 3 minutes.相关的主题文章: