Tips On Using Google Alerts To Help Your Business-bleep

Internet-and-Business-Online At times it seems that Google releases more new products and services than we can keep track of. From Google Calendar and Google Video, to Google Base, Google Finance, and Google Trends, it can be overwhelming just to remember what each one does. One of the oft overlooked hidden gems in Google’s enormous offering is Google Alerts. Within minutes, one can be signed up for email alerts that can give them and their business a leg up on the .petition. Alerts can be used to spy on .petitors, keep track of what people are saying about your business, or follow an important news story. How Does It Work Google Alerts sends you an email each time a new page for your chosen term makes it in the top twenty results on Google’s web search. You can also have the alert check Google News and/or Google Groups. To sign up for a Google Alert, all that you need to do is visit the Google Alerts homepage google../alerts), enter the search term, type of alert (search Google News, Google Groups, or the web), frequency of emails (daily, as it happens, or weekly), and your email address. You can set up alerts for as many terms as you like using a Google Account. So why would you want an unlimited amount of alerts? Because as a business owner, you have a lot to keep track of and very limited time to do it. Spy on Your .petitors Every business has a .petitor. More likely, you have several direct .petitors and several more indirect .petitors. While regularly checking out their websites is an important part of the process, it doesn’t paint the whole picture. A .petitor’s website is very much crafted to the image that they want to portray to their customers. This is great if you want to know what their latest sale is or how much their new product costs, but it isn’t likely to feature a negative review in last Sunday’s newspaper. That’s where Google Alerts .es in. By simply setting up a News, Groups, and search alert for each of your .petitors, you will know what other people are saying about your .petition – both the media and consumers, both good and bad. Keep Up To Date on Your Industry Equally as important as what people are saying about your .petition is what people are saying about your industry in general, there’s nothing better than receiving an alert where someone praises your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: