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Three of the most common symptoms of pregnancy, how do we deal with it? Mother and daughter of the original welcome to share the forwarding of the Sohu, media reprint please contact the author! The dove air863, the doctor about pregnant girl and the baby of pregnancy is a very important time, at the same time due to changes in their pregnancy hormone or the birth of the baby, pregnant girl body will change a lot, there are a variety of problems, which is the most common edema, constipation, shortness of breath, although these three kinds of symptoms very common, but there are still a lot of girls will be mishandled, dove today for girls to introduce the correct approach. Symptoms: edema edema during pregnancy: pregnancy hormone changes? In water and sodium retention in the body, reduce the amount of urine. ? increased uterine compression of the abdominal vessels, pelvic and lower body blood vessels, recirculation, pressure, water will be under pressure into the tissue fluid, causing tissue edema. The increase of blood volume during pregnancy, the increase of plasma, the thinning of blood, the decrease of plasma colloid osmotic pressure, the movement of water to the interstitial space, and the edema. Response: do more massage to reduce edema. Girls can be in the evening before going to bed with warm water bubble feet, and then gently massage the legs and feet, Dad can help us oh girl. Massage should be from the bottom up, the strength of the pregnant girl can be comfortable. ? wear loose clothes, tight clothes will aggravate the pregnant girl edema and discomfort, even will cause the body blood circulation is not smooth. Pregnant women should be particularly warm in winter, you can choose thick cotton, elastic socks. ? the daily light based diet, you can drink xiaomizhou, chicken porridge, Seaweed soup, fish soup. In season fruits, tomatoes, grapes, summer autumn eat strawberries, apples and pears. Usually pay attention to rest, in the rest of the time, the burden of the girls will be reduced accordingly, edema symptoms will be reduced or disappeared. Girls have noticed that the left side of the bed to sleep more conducive to reducing edema oh. Symptoms two: Constipation constipation during pregnancy: changes in the level of pregnancy hormones, progesterone increased, leading to gastrointestinal smooth muscle tension becomes weak, difficult defecation. The oppression of the colon in the uterus, leading to slow metabolism, defecation difficulties. Pregnant girls daily exercise is too small, the dietary fiber content is insufficient. Response:? Increased intake of dietary fiber and whole grains, celery, sweet potato, apple, banana, carrot etc.. Appropriate exercise, has been lying in bed, your baby will be lazy Oh, pregnant girl can walk after dinner a few minutes, doing exercises for pregnant women. Pay attention to the body’s water intake, about 1000 ml, the specific varies from person to person, do not have to deliberately forced. You can also eat some of the higher water content of fruit, pears, apples, kiwi, etc.. ? severe constipation can also choose medicine to treat, such as Enema Glycerini, the specific usage can consult a doctor three symptoms: shortness of breath shortness of breath: your baby is increasing constantly, cause the diaphragm rise, causing shortness of breath phenomenon. Response: pay attention to rest, do not let yourself too tired, which will increase the situation of chest tightness. Pay attention to nutritional intake is appropriate, do not let相关的主题文章: