Those who wear their favorite fruit powder device VR head is most suitable for iPhone (video)

Those who wear their favorite fruit powder device Tencent digital news VR head is most suitable for iPhone (compiled: Bear) virtual reality revolution strikes us, although Google has released the Daydream platform, but this does not mean that the experience of virtual reality brings charm only Android users can, while iOS users will be blocked at the door. At present, there are many prices on the market is not too expensive, but also compatible with iPhone’s virtual reality head device, and from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6S are included. Although mobile virtual reality is not like HTC Vive or Oculus Rift can bring us to the top of the VR experience, but at least in popularity and promotion, can play a positive role. Zeiss VR One virtual reality Carle Zeiss VR GX most One entry-level VR headset is just a plastic shell + two lens configuration, basically can only be enhanced version of Google Cardboard, but Carle Zeiss VR One GX is the experience in the use of more. As the latest model of Zeiss VR head device, VR One GX adds a magnetic controller, allowing users to interact with different App. Of course, if you are 5.5 inch iPhone 6S Plus users, then you have to choose VR One Plus. Price: $120 (about 800 yuan) of Tepoinn 3DTepoinn 3D is a $30 product, although still a plastic shell, but the workmanship is excellent, compatible with iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, better than the Google Cardboard too much. Price: $29.99 (about 200 yuan) Google Cardboard simple to use and low cost so that Cardboard has become the most biased, and compatible with the iPhone VR head device. We only need to pay less than $20, you can get a support NFC Cardboard, although it is still a bit cumbersome, but I believe it will not be long before we will experience a more simple way to experience VR. Price: $16.99 (about 113 yuan) HomidoHomido VR head wearing device provides a vision of 100 degrees, and is compatible with the old iPhone 5S devices. At the same time, the Homido uses an artificial leather material and replaceable sealing strips, so if you want an advanced version of the Cardboard, then Homido is a good choice. Price: $79.99 (about 534 yuan) FreeFly VRFreeFly can provide a greater degree of vision, and even a special Bluetooth handle to allow us to better experience the virtual reality game. FreeFly VR is compatible with all 4.7 to 6.1 inch Android and iOS devices相关的主题文章: