This is not just a coat, the camel is worth having a single product! (video)

This is not just a coat, the camel is worth having a single product! Hello, beautiful girls weekend, where are you going to wave ah, shopping malls or shopping. Today Xiaobian to recommend to you some very practical in the autumn and winter of the camel single product, read directly to the mall to try! This sweater, sweater knitted shirt is so first camel to have on hand, relatively well-off MM of cashmere material, more warm. This shirt can be used as all kinds of the ride, very practical. Then is the camel sweater, the sweater is usually not too thick, so all kinds of single wear skirt collocation autumn is very nice. As a variety of jackets is also suitable for the inside of the ride, however, especially to the performance of mature, sedate some girls. The above two are the basis of the model, is the style of the Oversize version. Collocation skirt and boots, without too much emphasis on the waist, lazy, comfortable. This sweater is so elegant, floral skirt collocation used is just perfect. Loose version, just to resolve the old-fashioned floral skirt. But this year the most fashionable, or a slit. Although the sweater is relatively long, but because there are slits, showing his legs and waist, so even if the short MM want to try is ok. Buy: buy camel sweater, try to choose a lighter fawn, complexion is better oh. ZARA turtleneck XL dress pants size 399 ¥ camel camel sweater, sweater, Xiaobian should have a lot of woman, but the camel pants and some people less. In fact, camel pants in the autumn and winter the collocation is very important, don’t look down. In winter, with a thick coat collocation camel pants, elegant and intellectual, a bit of art fan children, good taste collocation. They really too high waist legs, camel and red collocation is also very good-looking. Of course we most often take the motorcycle jacket or black, cool, Seoul full can collocation of intellectual camel pants, shoes boots collocation. In the autumn and winter wine red dress is very worth a try, red wine and camel collocation more elegant retro, like walking in the streets of Paris. Buying advice: buy camel pants, the best choice of thick fabrics, the version is also the best pants a little loose, color darker camel more flavor. UNIQLO UNIQLO wool blended narrow mouth wide leg pants nine ¥ 299 camel camel skirt dress size is necessary above 25 years old girl wardrobe, especially suitable to build commuter equipment. You can use a white shirt, sweater, shirt can be matched, the best choice of shoes with the same color skirt. Comparison of fresh and elegant white camel collocation, black collocation is relatively mature atmosphere. You can choose to echo each other with a black coat and black shoes, the camel skirt is also the best deep camel. Whether woolen skirt or suede skirt, autumn and winter are very suitable for collocation leggings or knee boots to wear. A sweater or coat, is a very warm and good-looking dress. Buy: buy camel skirt is the best choice for this kind of suede or woolen material, the color is deep camel camel or advice,?相关的主题文章: