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"The world 3" autumn harvest a bumper grain harvest ceremony does not stop from the west left a piece of information open in this month, the golden October, the development team also prepared a gift for full harvest for everyone. Following last week’s launch of the soy sauce uncle busy "and the new context of rendering play" nameless disease after flowering group for you to launch a new round of the first autumn harvest celebration activities! "Food security" and "the harvest Conference opened, there are gifts with soy sauce uncle! However, the "nameless disease" storm did not stop, "day and night" storm again, everything what is causing? Of course is not too small for two is difficult to draw a conclusion, so please go to the game in a public Shaoxia inquiry unexpectedly still! Food security war open: the fruits of revolution by me to protect! ] October autumn, Tan Kwai fragrance. Wanshanhongbian, cenglinjinran. A bumper grain harvest fruitful. In this festive season a thriving, could not only soy sauce uncle! The wild grass on the autumn wheat monster tiger has long had a grain harvest season full of desire. So every night of 2030 and 2130, all will come out at night and paladin foraging in the grass and wheat harvest activities in tiger pedestria! In order to defend your harvest, you must go oh shaoxia! It is said that the more food to defend, the richer the rewards will be. The straw can also be used to participate in the activities of the harvest golden autumn special meeting. At the same time, in order to thank everyone in the first harvest of soy sauce uncle’s help, so in the next autumn festival, soy sauce uncle to bring you a rich autumn spree in the autumn, during the event 8 times as long as the sign can be obtained! Activity time: November 2nd update -11 22 on May 2400, updated daily at 8. Receive level: level 30 and above. Reward: a lot of experience and skills, Jinqiu spree (including [Qisha (grab in the new service to God]) · (80), a [Qisha] God wish · mad law (80), · boutique; they reveal the form of Dan, University Edition, Hunter wine, made the rations (cut) the battlefield, etc.). [food] activity time: November 2nd -11 22, every night, 2030, 2130. Venue: Tian Shu gossip. Reward: experience, skills, straw, grass, green Luan annunciation sci-fi · wheat grass tiger, Hui Ling Lu, [no] Haotian jade. [] background: Harvest conference activities 2030 per night to 2230, wild people to celebrate the harvest and harvest held meeting in Bashu gossip field. To harvest the bonfire into straw, himself and around the game player will get a lot of experience rewards. Activity time: November 2nd -11 month 22, every night 2030 to 2230. Venue: Tian Shu gossip. Event rewards: experience and skill points. World pocket version of the world pocket version is expected to maintain time for November 2nd 1500-1630. Activities related to the 1 days after the end of the activities of the page after the update, the pocket version of the continuous landing will not be able to continue to get days of residual page technology. 2, ranking NPC ambassador and a state scholar of no equal consumption will be from!相关的主题文章: