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Love in the three paradoxes, fools who do not want to think – Sohu love there are many paradoxes, does not conform to the logic of existence. One example: said of a couple said of a couple. Everyone praised, but few people will ask: what is said of a couple?! Two people fell in love and married a divorce is no longer said of a couple? What if one of them died earlier than the other? If two people divorced, after their marriage, and the new partner to grow old together? This is not said of a couple? If, before the two men have talked many love, looking for a lot of people, but did not get married, get married at the age of forty or fifty, this is not said of a couple? Or two people did not divorce, but the marriage in the play of all, do not interfere with each other, until the old count, said of a couple? Then, nobody will ask: why would you pursue said of a couple? Is everyone do, so you have to do, or do you really want from the people inside and around you tired of each other with said of a couple? If you can’t do that, how does it affect your life? Love, really is controllable, said of a couple of palm? If you can not answer, so when you talk about what you said of a couple, talking about what? Two really love you, for example: a lot of women fall in love, will ask around, he really loves me? For this problem, in fact, can be understood, because people fall in love, will be the impact of such a strong emotion, resulting in "why he will love me, love me what" doubt. But it’s not very wise. Because, first of all, love is a very personal and personal experience, different people have a great difference in the ability of love, the way of expression, the degree of cognition and the basis of judgment. For some people, every day to prepare breakfast is warm heart, and the same thing is also considered to be "mother gun" affectation, get less than warm point. Second, logic is problematic. Because of love, in fact, there is a sense of value. You ask him to love you, love is better than to verify the confirmation question, he found itself, appreciate and love your point, continue to strengthen, make yourself more valuable, more attractive, with greater autonomy in the marriage market. Then ask: he’s not enough to love me. Because no one can only love you, and met a lot of people, but I love you, it is very different. You feel the next. Three. Change for love: for example, you love me! In particular, the girl, in particular, like to make such unreasonable demands that love has extraordinary magic. Can let the frog prince, stupid cow devil Monkey Monkey King becomes. But girl, don’t be silly, you are committed to changing the lover, you’d better ask yourself: you are in love, or the frog prince, he is still a stupid cow, or is it a monkey? If you really become a frog prince, demon monkey, ox became Joker, joker, Prince, he also loves you? You only love you, if you love, love the prince of cattle L相关的主题文章: