The tenth Xinghai Art Festival in Panyu District was closed last night-ajviewer

The tenth session of the Panyu District Xinghai Arts Festival Closing Yushan art rhyme overflowing flower "" champion opened the Xinghai Arts Festival Closing Ceremony performances prelude Wang Feng taken last night, the tenth session of the Panyu District Xinghai Art Festival Closing Ceremony of "Yu Shan Yi Yun" — Panyu District original outstanding literary works in the performance session held in the District Administrative Conference Center Hall, duration the 17 day of the Xinghai Arts Festival ended in cheers and applause. The District People’s Congress Standing Committee, Li Guanghang, Minister of the Propaganda Department of Qin deep sea, district standing committee, deputy mayor Huang Chi, District Committee, district office director Wu Huiyuan, Party committee, United Front Work Department Minister Lin Weichang, district vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee Wang Shuping, Guo Xuanyu, vice mayor Li Yulin, vice chairman of CPPCC Zhou Zhi, Feng Runsheng District, Guangzhou city the public culture media bureau director Peng Xiaoqun, Hongkong, the south of the Five Ridges School of famous disciple Gao Ming and Huang Yongxian and his wife, the district court, district Procuratorate, District Deputy Secretary, district and relevant units, towns Street leaders and people from all walks of life in our region such as watching the performance. On behalf of the Party committee, the district government and the organizing committee, Tan Haishen expressed his welcome to the leading guests attending the event. He expressed his thanks to the vast number of literary and art workers and people from all walks of life who worked hard for the festival! She said that the art festival was coming to a close, but the culture and art would never be closed. I will continue to firmly establish the concept of innovation, coordination, development of green, open and shared, to create the unique charm of the culture of South of the Five Ridges demonstration zone as the goal, to accelerate the construction of public cultural service system covering the whole region, make people more convenient to enjoy public cultural services for the construction of the beautiful Panyu, happiness and success. Last night at the original outstanding literary works show special activities, selected 12 outstanding programs in our region of the original local music, dance, acrobatics and other types of activities, divided into "Yushan" feelings "sea sail" era new rhyme "three chapters, full of Panyu showed the characteristics of local culture. The spirit of Panyu people high spirited, is my area in recent years the creation of public art achievements of a showcase and review. Wonderful performance, won the applause of the audience, for the tenth Xinghai Art Festival drew a complete stop. The tenth Xinghai Art Festival, sponsored by the District Committee and the district government, takes the theme of "95th anniversary party and the Red Army Long March 80th anniversary" as the theme, and in accordance with the principle of cultural Huimin, and takes the chorus and south of the Five Ridges calligraphy and painting as the focal point, carries out the patriotic propaganda and education activities. The art festival since opening in October 24th, has lasted 17 days, held a chorus, free arts training, heritage heritage, south of the Five Ridges painting and calligraphy exhibition, art go grassroots, cultural performances and other 11 categories a total of 18 events, is rich in content, forms and tastes. The organizing committee also invited the Pearl River Symphony Orchestra, Guangzhou Opera Troupe, Guangdong music troupe, Wuhua county tea picking group of professional art troupes to participate in the show, there have been about 400000 people to participate in or watch the activities related to the masses of people to provide free service of culture and art more than 10 thousand people, truly implement cultural Huimin work. Especially the "Long March suite" Choral Concert, "Wuhua" strong "sound", "Guangdong Peng Qiang concert lehui.

番禺区第十届星海艺术节昨晚闭幕禺山艺韵 花香四溢《独占鳌头》拉开了星海艺术节闭幕式文艺演出序幕 王丰摄昨晚,番禺区第十届星海艺术节闭幕式暨“禺山艺韵”——番禺区原创优秀文艺作品演出专场在区行政会议中心大会堂举行,历时17天的星海艺术节在喝彩和掌声中落幕。区人大常委会主任李广杭,区委常委、宣传部部长覃海深,区委常委、常务副区长黄卡,区委常委、区委办主任吴惠垣,区委常委、统战部部长林伟长,区人大常委会副主任王淑平、郭轩宇,副区长李育林,区政协副主席周志、冯润胜,广州市文广新局公共文化处处长彭小群,高剑父弟子、香港岭南画派名家黎明和黄咏贤伉俪,区法院院长、区检察院检察长、区纪委副书记,以及区有关单位、各镇街有关领导和我区各界人士等观看了演出。覃海深在致辞中代表区委、区政府和大会组委会向出席活动的领导嘉宾表示欢迎,对为本届艺术节付出辛勤劳动的广大文艺工作者和各界人士表示了感谢!她说,本届艺术节即将闭幕,但文化艺术永远不会闭幕。我区将继续牢固树立创新、协调、绿色、开放、共享的发展理念,以打造独具魅力的岭南文化示范区为工作目标,加快构建覆盖全区的公共文化服务体系,让人民群众更便捷地享受公共文化服务,为建设幸福美丽番禺再创佳绩。昨晚举行的原创优秀文艺作品演出专场活动,精选了我区本地作者原创音乐、舞蹈、曲艺等类别的12个优秀节目,活动分为“禺山情怀”“艺海扬帆”“时代新韵”三个篇章进行,充分展现了番禺本土文化特色,展示了番禺人昂扬向上的精神风貌,也是我区近年来群众文艺创作成果的一次集中展示与检阅。精彩的演出,赢得了现场观众的阵阵喝彩,为第十届星海艺术节划上了一个圆满的句号。由区委、区政府主办的第十届星海艺术节,以纪念建党95周年暨红军长征胜利80周年为主题,本着文化惠民的原则,以合唱、岭南书画为重点,广泛开展爱国主义宣传教育活动。艺术节自10月24日开幕以来,至今历时17天,举办了合唱、免费艺术培训、非遗传承、岭南书画展览、艺术走基层、文化交流展演等11个门类共18项活动,可谓内容丰富,形式多样,雅俗共赏。组委会还邀请了珠江交响乐团、广州粤剧团、广东音乐曲艺团、五华县采茶戏团等专业艺术院团参与演出,先后有40多万人次参与或观看了相关活动,共向市民群众提供文化艺术免费服务1万多人次,真正把文化惠民工作落到了实处。特别是《长征组歌》合唱音乐会、“五华‘强’音”彭强作品音乐会、“粤乐惠民”艺术走基层、番禺区原创优秀文艺作品演出专场等几项活动,专业艺术院团加上本地演员与作者参与,为我区的文艺爱好者送来一场又一场艺术盛宴。活动部分门票向社会免费派发,吸引了众多的市民群众广泛参与,一度出现一票难求的现象。相关的主题文章: