The Taiwan Affairs Office of the DPP authorities unilaterally undermine cross-strait common politica

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the DPP authorities unilaterally undermine cross-strait common political basis – Sohu news news agency in Beijing on 14 September, (reporter Lu Mei Zhang Xiaoxi) the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang 14, pointed out that since May 20th this year, the DPP authorities refused to recognize the "92 consensus", do not agree with both sides belong to one China, unilaterally undermine cross-strait common political basis that led to the shut down of the system communication mechanism, 8 years of peaceful development of cross-strait relations a good momentum and achievements have been seriously affected. 14 days in Beijing Taiwan Affairs Office held a regular press conference. In response to Ma Xiaoguang "now how to evaluate the DPP’s mainland policy and the future development of cross-strait relations" when asked said, "and pointed out that the compatriots on both sides especially the people of Taiwan are worried about the prospects for cross-strait relations". Ma Xiaoguang said that compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait is a family, is connected to the community of destiny. To grasp the future development trend of cross-strait relations in understanding the historical development trend. The peaceful development of cross straits relations is the right way to maintain peace on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, promote common development and benefit compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan straits. Adhere to the "92 consensus", adhere to the common political basis of the one China principle, continue to follow the correct path of peaceful development of cross-strait relations, the two sides in line with the common interests of compatriots on both sides. "Taiwan independence" is no way out, any form of "Taiwan independence" separatist acts, will be resolutely opposed by all the Chinese people, is bound to be a complete failure. "In the principle of safeguarding state sovereignty and territorial integrity, we will as solid as rocks, attitude consistent from beginning to end." A reporter asked, the mainland once Taiwan leader Cai Yingwen’s inaugural address is "no complete answer, there is not a" hand "period of time? Ma Xiaoguang replied, what is the relationship between the two sides, in the end how to go, is to continue to take the right path of peaceful development, adhere to the "92 consensus" to benefit the people on both sides, or the opposite? This depends on the Taiwan authorities thought. A reporter mentioned that Cai Yingwen, at the golden gate called on the two sides from the "mistress" of historical experience, adhere to the peaceful cross-Strait exchanges, shelve disputes, seek common ground while reserving differences, good interaction, seek greater well-being of people on both sides, the spokesman comment on this? Ma Xiaoguang said, "mistress" just Kinmen, Matsu and Fujian coastal area exchanges. Familiar with the history of the people are aware that the DPP authorities in Taiwan and the golden horse civilianscalled for people from all walks of life for the positive, under pressure to open the. The two sides really establish mutual trust and good dialogue, and promote the realization of a comprehensive and direct cross-strait three links is the thing after 2008, based on the "92 consensus". Historical facts have been fully described, only adhere to the "92 consensus" of the political foundation and the identity of both sides belong to one of the core meaning, can only be put aside disputes and differences, benign dialogue, exchange of goodwill, to benefit compatriots on both sides. 13, Cai Yingwen met with the outgoing president of the American Institute in Taiwan Burghardt said, thanks to the United States over the years continued arms sales to Taiwan, Taiwan is willing to continue to play the United States Security partners in the region is worthy of trust, look forward to the future to strengthen Taiwan US military relations. In this regard, Ma Xiaoguang should be asked, said the mainland Fang Xi相关的主题文章: