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The space of "whale" debut at the Eleventh Zhuhai airshow – Beijing, Beijing in October 30 Zhuhai Xinhua (reporter Zhang Su) the eleventh session of China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition will be held in Zhuhai. Reporters visited 30, to see China’s first expansion of the largest high-end private car parked in the field. The "WHALE" (whale) multi function concept car, a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Hospital of Aerospace Electric Vehicle Technology Co. Ltd. the new Long March developed. At first glance, whale and other container cars and no two. But after about two hours of deformation, to show in front of people, whale has a large expansion of the body, the length of up to 14.6 meters, the level of up to 6.4 meters, vertical extension of up to 6.68 meters. Don’t have to expand the space to the horizontal direction, "whale" will be modified car expansion technology, Museum exhibition concept used in the vehicle, the car body is provided with a lifting sleeve, to expand the space, just like in the car above the "build" the two storey building. After multi-directional, multi-level, three-dimensional expansion, the total area of 110 square meters of vehicles. Among them, the original car area of 35 square meters, the right side of the pull box area of 18 square meters, pull the left side of the box area of 11 square meters, lifting area of 26 square meters, balcony area of 11 square meters. The new Long March Space Electric Vehicle Technology Co., project leader Zhao Xiang said, this is the "whale" debuted at the show. The car uses a space composite material to achieve a lightweight. In addition, whale into the multi-functional design ideas. The inside of the body is provided with the auxiliary platform a series of unique creativity, such as bar, showcase, TV wall etc.. Because of the use of a number of vehicle dedicated air conditioning, car temperature is not higher than 26 degrees Celsius in summer, winter is not less than 18 degrees celsius. The designer also said that the "whale" good stability, the overall wind 8, multi-stage pull box using a reasonable sealing device to ensure no leakage. The remote diagnosis system, set up a server connected to the network, can accept and deal with the signal from the remote vehicle, the vehicle to find fault point. Zhao Xiang said, "whale" can be customized, the car loaded mature relay vehicle centralized control system, the future can be extended to the truck field, but also the development direction to the high-end car, or customized for the super large conference car, have broad market prospects. (end)相关的主题文章: