The national security team reunited Crimee Mainz slapstick joke with Zhang Chengdong (video)-actv

The national security team reunited Crimee Mainz: slapstick joke with Zhang Chengdong [VS] prospective country foot: theres only road win Gao Jiajun Uzi sports Tencent in October 10 Ritashengan (Wen Zeng Xiao Zhao Yu) twelve before the game to adapt to the training venue, out of the Uzbekistan team and the China soccer is a hit with. Not only before the game tight, instead reunited lighten team guoan. In the tunnel, Yang Zhi, Zhang Chengdong and Zhang Xizhe Kerry Metz were caught. Kerry Metz said, "they arrived, I told Dudu (Zhang Chengdong) made a joke on WeChat. National security team mates as super players, in the face of the Chinese team certainly do not feel strange, he admitted, I know the players of the Chinese team, from my personal point of view, tomorrow’s game may be simple." But Kerry Metz said, compared with Chinese Soccer League, can not completely copy the experience, "although the understanding of these players, but the team tactics China I still do not understand." A lost to Iran, let Uzbekistan feel the pressure, Kerry Metz analysis, "a US team was in the 100% state, an attack we don’t play well, this is the reason why we lost. We need to do better on offense."相关的主题文章: