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The National Day travel books: read a thousand books – Sohu baby autumn is the most beautiful season, autumn will be a little cold. Soon after the national day, you are not planning to take the children out for a walk. Is there a good destination? Taking advantage of the National Day holiday, take the kids to travel, is indeed a rare parent-child experience. I like to travel, travel can increase knowledge, understand the different local customs, scenery and food. Mid Autumn Festival holiday, we went to Macao, a very happy oh. In addition to travel, life is more important to read. Reading is very important to help children grow up, learn two girl into the normal school. In addition to interest classes, that is read, see picture books, comic books, literature of different children at home…… Words and deeds, monasteries, adult reading at home, children with reading. I grew up with age, two of her books are more and more. Speaking I have insisted on reading thousands of books, traveling thousands of miles. Recently National Day immediately to the holiday, I would like to recommend some books, the National Day travel books. This is the number of travel books, a different picture book tells a different story, suitable for children of different ages; some of the family travel through some successful experience of parenting books, family fun of others, to learn more knowledge of tourism, to facilitate their children go to different places to travel; except the parenting class. You can also go to travel alone. In addition to the work and life of husband and wife is with the baby, also very boring ah, sometimes a rare trip, fonder, can let the couples become more harmonious. Of course, there are too many good books, far more than I recommend, and you can attach the title of the book you like. These books + COVER + introduction, for reference only kazakhstan.相关的主题文章: