The muscle man fancy push ups, fitness such as bed general pattern (video) visualboyadvance

The muscle man fancy push ups, fitness such as bed pattern generally though you may not learn this fancy pushups, yet like bed tricks, you would also like to unlock a variety of fitness posture. Push ups, for most people just exercise it, some people, but to play it out of the pattern, play the art. Good figure by guards leading health science star of popular dance sport today, extreme fitness God Chadoy Leon, is such a person, full of pectoral muscle, muscular, have arrived, but his push up the shock. The brothers come to feel: solid ball turnover level so we push dumbbell push up unilateral yoga ball so " clock type continuous push ups; " so " spider climb UPS; type " " jump " push ups you;; we push up transposition changed Elbow push ups you fancy " hands vacated cross type " push ups you " five; continuous type " we push up " after five " we push up " leg after clap " we push up " Superman " we push hands and knees " " we hold hands and prone " toe type " push ups so you will clap on the bed, but estimated that dozens of push ups, you can’t be done several positions? SO, HOT – and then teach you a few tricks to learn more fancy push up moves, trained muscle is really a matter of minutes. How much can you get?相关的主题文章: