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The lake are immersed in love on the site, feel lost civilization tourism in Xilinguole grassland is the Sohu – the vast, the sky is blue, the clouds are like cotton. Autumn is like Xilingol is God’s palette of colors. All went to Lake yuan on all the way in, we are a piece of the original forest grassland attracted by the bright and colorful. This is the Ukraine and Qin original secondary forest steppe OBO forest. Deep into the forest of the road is still very primitive, only off-road vehicles can go, but the scenery inside, really fascinating. All along the cenglinjinran mountains, the sun through the birch he in the body, let people forget the autumn cold. The lake is a large lake located north of the yuan! However, the more beautiful is the lake that a few dressed up young men and women. Said the children of the grassland is heroic, in front of the camera or a little shy. Are on the lake in the lake, the scenery is no less than a lot of foreign national park. An inverted car on the road, we are attracted to the eye. May be warning everyone, driving on the prairie, although the road is very good, but still want to control the speed, pay attention to safety! Otherwise it utterly routed. We travel a car in the capital Beijing, 180 kilometers north of Inner Mongolia Zhenglanqi Jin Lianchuan on the grassland on the site, is the first capital of China unprecedented unified dynasty yuan dynasty. In 1260, the emperor Kublai in the fully satisfied or contented, and all this. So, the capital stands in the vast grassland, has gradually become a strange city, attracting the IMC to North korea. This and Beijing in the east longitude 116 degrees on the "prairie capital", has had a major impact in the world and Chinese history. 740 years ago, here is called "the heart of the world" 4 years later, Kublai once again inspired, according to the element on the appearance, this is the most open Jianyuan Beijing City 700 years ago template. But Kublai did not expect that, 100 years later in 1385, the peasant uprising Army Red Army conquered yuanshangdu, burned all the palace…… From then on there is no recovery, and the yuan has gradually disappeared. Because the glorious moment is too bright, suddenly disappeared, it has become a mystery to all the people on earth. Da’an Pavilion "Mark ·"; Polo said: "strong and sweat with marble and stone built a grand palace in the capital of the Lord sitting hall, and painted with a layer of gold, and decorated with a variety of animals and birds, and flowers Art beats nature. people as the acme of perfection, exquisite beyond compare." Da Ge for yuan on all the main hall. Historical records, for the demolition of the Song Dynasty Ge Da an original Xichun pavilion built in imitation, majestic, beautiful decoration. Is the Yuan Dynasty emperor handle the affairs of state, met with foreign diplomats of the. Kublai Khan is here with Mark, the polos. Thus, it produced the famous "Mark, polo", and widely spread in the world. Here is the central axis of the yuan, from here to the south, is the central axis of Beijing. .相关的主题文章: