The Kuroiler Model Beyond Just Business A Successful Social Venture-restorator

Business The discovery of possible social impacts through rural poultry led to the emergence of a greater purpose. At Keggfarms, it no longer remained just a task but became a mission and a cause. From a pure business entity, in the early 1990s Keggfarms re-established itself, this time as a social enterprise. The aim was to device a pro-poor, rural-specific business model, which could potentially convert poorly remunerative traditional poultry keeping into a significant and sustainable rural livelihoods opportunity. Inventing KUROILER: Product Innovation through Appropriate Technology Keggfarms was formally recognized by the department of science and technology as an R&D Centre and it developed a rural specific multi-coloured dual purpose bird through selective and controlled crossing of high yielding indigenised poultry germ-plasmand branded it KUROILER. This bird enables the village households to achieve almost four times higher production both in terms of Eggs and Meat than non-descript poultry stock, capable of performing well in hostile, resource poor, foraging village environment. Additionally the bird retained its colour, agility and disease resistance abilities. .pared to a non-descript desi bird, the KUROILER starts egg production at 24 weeks (.pared to 32 weeks for desi birds), producing 150 eggs .pared to 40 eggs of desi birds and weighing about 4 kg as .pared to 1.1 kg for a desi bird. Innovative Distribution Channel Involving .munity Members through Voluntary Interdependence of all Stakeholders The biggest innovation was the development of the delivery chain. The system effectively enabled gains of modern science and technology to percolate down to remote village households at the very bottom of the pyramid. This was achieved by adapting the traditional practice of village vending to be extended to KUROILERS and creation of Mother Units in locations which were practical to reach from the centres of Keggfarms production and were accessible to the vendors. The most important point to note is that this chain works on business principles where each member has a .mercial stake. Hence it is sustainable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: