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Home-and-Family Making changes in your window coverings can change the whole look and feel of your entire room. This is often an overwhelming decision, simply because it takes time to hang the windows and it is an expense that most people do not want to spend much on. In home repair and design, drapes and window coverings can have a big influence. 1.Mix it up. Mix different patterns together to create a unique look for your windows. This can help you to create just the right look for your room. Some hints that you may want to consider are: a..mon colors in two different patterns can help create cohesion between the patterns. b.The scale of the different patterns should be approximately the same size as the area of the location that they are used. For example, larger patterns will work great for curtains or drapes, while medium ones work best on valances and small ones on accent pieces. c.Mix geometric patterns. Stripes with dots, checks with plaids, and other .binations can work well together if they are from the same color family. 2.Color .binations are good. .bining a few colors through different patterns is a great way to add excitement and life to your room. Colors that are opposite on the color spectrum can work well together and create the perfect look for your room. 3.Change the size of your windows. You can make smaller windows look larger or larger windows to look smaller. You want to make the windows look approximately the same size for cohesion and harmony in your room. Smaller windows can look larger if you add a cornice or valance to the top of the windows to add height. To make a large window feel smaller, you can break up the look by using different window coverings. This is especially true when dealing with curtains in your kitchen . 4.Add texture to your windows. By .bining different types of fabrics, you can help to add texture to your windows. This helps to create visual appeal and interest to your windows and your room. .bine linen with velvet or chintz with satin to create a unique look for your windows and your home. 5.Don’t be afraid to change your window coverings. Just like the rest of the dcor in your home, window coverings should change with the years. Let the windows show your ever-changing tastes and style as the years go by. You want them to be functional, but they should also be pleasing to the eye and help to enhance the rest of the room’s style. Your window coverings can say quite a bit about your style and personality. By considering the previous tips, you can create just the right look for your windows and your home to give it the feel that you have been searching for. Don’t be afraid to choose window coverings. This home repair and design decision can make your room into that warm and .fortable place that you want and need for you and your family. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: