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The Imperial Palace high xuandian "on to" box is still not known – Sohu news on into the roof. JINGWAH Times reporter Wang Haixin photo on the surface of the hall after hall painted on yesterday, the Imperial Palace Museum held on to the main hall high mysterious temple ceremony. President Dan Jixiang announced a large high mysterious temple restoration project to protect the research achievements, cultural relics repair will be completed by the end of the body. In the afternoon, a large high mysterious temple ridge closure, while the "objects" — on ANN, but based on the requirements for the protection of cultural relics, has not opened the box to put it on, the memory is still a mystery. Protect cultural relics treasures has not opened it is understood that high xuandian in renovation process, construction workers found in the median ridge ridge tube is as "objects" on the house. "Ridge" refers to the top of the ancient middle ridge, ridge ridge middle ancient Jianzheng tube to other projects after the completion of the last place, the process is called "put on the closure". Ann ceremony held yesterday in the main hall on a large high mysterious temple, the Imperial Palace museum staff will drum ridge construction before removing bags carefully re placed into the Basilica of the median ridge in the ridge and complete closure. In the previous survey the renovation construction process, found a large high mysterious temple main hall treasures preserved cultural relics protection based on the requirements, has not opened the box to put on, so it is still a mystery. Reporters on the scene saw the big high mysterious temple main hall on the inner box faintly visible on the Dragon pattern. According to the the Imperial Palace experts, the current preliminary judgment on cultural relics in the Ming dynasty. The box is so well preserved relatively rare, very high value of cultural relics. It is reported that a broad range of applications on the the Imperial Palace in the ancient building, will see the repair process, to the main house seat, high buildings, small gatehouse, tent, were found on. But on some level, the size of a different texture. For the first time, archaeological methods repair a large high mysterious temple was located in the northwest corner of the Forbidden City, adjacent to the brilliant door, built in the Ming Jiajing twenty-one years (1542), is the Ming and Qing two generations of the Royal Taoist temple. Due to historical reasons, a large high mysterious temple several times suffered serious damage, danger prone, in 2010, the parties to the appeal and to the Imperial Palace and began formal backcross, survey research, planning and design, repair and protection of comprehensive and research work. The renovation project was officially started in April 2, 2015, until the end of this year, the first phase of the project (cultural relics repair) will be completed successfully. Yesterday, Shan Jixiang published the latest achievements of high xuandian research repair and protection project. According to reports, the repair work in the Imperial Palace Museum, the introduction of innovative ideas and means of archaeology as a breakthrough, for the first time to study method of Architectural Archaeology applied to repair and protection of large high mysterious temple in the protection and renovation work more careful. Due to different periods of repair and modification, as stacking pressure or break the archaeological strata, extraction of the above all the information in accordance with the different levels and laminated to break the relationship between the comprehensive and detailed, in order to obtain the different periods of construction, repair to the left by history相关的主题文章: