The freshmen purchase outfit too much than the exclamation burn parents-vidown

The freshmen purchase wardrobe than "burn" parents sigh too much information: the new semester approaching, many college students are busy purchasing school equipment, laptop, mobile phone and other electronic products in the sales season. The Xinhua news agency media: China University Freshmen purchase wardrobe lament too much reference news network August 28th reported Taiwan media said the ratio of "burning" parents, school steps near, on both sides of prospective freshmen busy with school first, buy mobile phone, computer, in the face of life and learning activities, and other expenses, the parents call frequency too much, at least spent more than 3 months salary, complained that "on university is like a burn". According to the Taiwan Times reported on August 24th, the freshmen bring economic opportunities in the school, the rapid warming in the mainland. Stores everywhere, discounts and other promotional publicity, the industry pointed out that the backpack, luggage and bedding are necessary for freshmen, recent sales much better than usual; 3C stores too, young people chasing fashion technology three sets (mobile phone, computer, tablet), since the end of the college entrance examination, the main customer groups all the money is not soft prospective College students. Reported that the freshmen turned burn family, so many parents worry could not carry. In the central enterprises, the first million students said, children from the college entrance examination, in addition to the summer camp tourism, also bought a mobile phone, computer, tablet, he spent about 3 months salary, but also take new supplies, seasonal clothing. Moreover, this year many college tuition hikes, plus a monthly living expenses, the parents said "now one count, too terrible". Mainland media reported that stores found a random survey of mobile phone is prospective students good minds, occupy the most basic consumption, admission equipment overall cost at least 8000 yuan, breaking the million more meet the eye everywhere. Reported that, in fact, buy this outfit, prospective freshmen is also very troublesome. "The level is too high, afraid of being said to show off their wealth, quality is not enough, and a bit Nabuchushou," just admitted to ordinary provincial university freshmen said they have apple computer, but is afraid of new classmates as "show off their wealth, after a lot of thought decided to change the notebook computer; and admitted to a famous university in Shanghai the student on the contrary, my parents had prepared the" Apple three piece ", afraid of children lose face in front of the students, interpersonal influence. Experts said the burn phenomenon is behind the psychological mischief, campus love, love is the face trend has pre-school material worries. College students should not be "burn" group, how to reverse the deviation values, is probably the prospective freshmen entering the University before the first class must be repaired. Source: Reference News Network to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: