The freeze does not reach the market expected the yen rose for the first time in the 3 day-ca1805

The freeze does not reach the market expected the yen rose for the first time to 3 FX168 hearing Thursday (2 17) the beginning of the Asian market, the dollar yen level hovering near 114.10. On the last day, the exchange rate was moderate and strong, reaching a maximum of 114.85. After the exchange rate was withdrawn from the high level, it rebounded again. The yen rose for the first time since the 3 trading day, because the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Russia to freeze production has not reached the expected reduction in the market. The yen currency hedge against the 16 main rival currencies rose across the board, in the past 2 weeks, the yen against the dollar rose nearly 7%, the largest increase since the 1998 Asian financial crisis. Saxo Bank (Saxo Bank) A S, head of foreign exchange strategy John Hardy pointed out that the yen is the currencies of risk preference and the current benchmark, risk appetite has deteriorated. Russia’s negotiations with the OPEC failed to reach a yield reduction agreement, with oil prices falling and risk aversion intensifying. (USD, JPY, 60 minute map source: FX16 financial network) Beijing time 07:35, USD JPY 114.0911. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

冻结协议未达市场预期 日元3日来首次上涨   FX168讯 周三(2月17日)亚市盘初,美元 日元位于114.10附近水平徘徊。上一交易日汇价一路温和走强,最高触及114.85,之后汇价自高位有所回撤,目前再度有所反弹。   日元3个交易日以来首次上涨,因沙特与俄罗斯冻结产量的协议没有达到市场的减产预期。   日元这一避险货币兑16种主要对手货币全线上涨,过去2周日元兑美元上涨近7%,为1998年亚洲金融危机以来最大涨幅。   盛宝银行(Saxo Bank) A S外汇策略主管John Hardy指出,日元是汇市风险偏好的风向标,而目前风险偏好有所恶化。俄罗斯与OPEC的协商没有达成减产协议,油价下跌,避险情绪加剧。   (美元 日元60分钟图 来源:FX16财经网)   北京时间07:35,美元 日元报114.09 11。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: