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The four milk prices to burn 42 million 500 thousand yuan daily advertising — food channel — original title: four milk prices during the first half of the average daily advertising burn 42 million 500 thousand yuan four domestic milk prices on the total cost of advertising costs up to 7 billion 742 million yuan, according to the first half of 182 days, the daily average of four companies advertising investment reached 42 million 500 thousand yuan. But in fact, rely entirely on advertising effects brought about by sales not only seriously eroded the profit margins of the enterprise, and how long it can be difficult to maintain. With the gradual disclosure of domestic milk prices in the semi annual report, the status quo of China’s dairy industry is also really surfaced. From the milk prices report can be seen, the current domestic milk prices are still in Yili, Mengniu, Guangming, of which three yuan of seating, Yili, Mengniu way ahead, revenues are on the way forward to 30 billion yuan; the light is just over 10 billion; three yuan in fourth is only 2 billion 200 million yuan. This shows that the current domestic milk brand concentration is still quite high, the strong strong pattern is difficult to break the short term. Status of the four giants in the first half revenue rose for a digit data show that the big four in the first half of this year revenues are in a state of growth, but the gains are single digits, Mengniu and bright even the increase rate is less than 1%. The results, although several milk prices revenue increase is minimal, but the majority of profits have increased greatly, Yili, Guangming net profit increase of more than 20%, three yuan for special reasons, more than 2 times the profit growth, but Mengniu appeared in more than 20% of the decline. At present, Erie net profit of more than 3 billion yuan, Mengniu in more than $1 billion, light and $three in the order of magnitude of $one hundred million or two hundred million. It is worth noting that, after two consecutive years of losses of three yuan shares, although the first half of this year to achieve profitability gains of $153 million. But careful reading of its financial data can be found, this part of the net profit of 100 million yuan in fact, from government subsidies. In addition, Beijing McDonald’s contribution to its net profit of about 35000000 yuan, so that, in the first half of the first half of the first half of the $three earned only about $15 million. Although the report from the top four giants, the first half of the domestic milk prices have been fairly well, but this is only the status of the industry leader, the overall domestic dairy industry in the first half of the day can be described as difficult. For example, Beingmate’s first half operating income fell 23%, a loss of up to $214 million, and according to the company expects the first three quarters of this year, there may be up to $320 million to $290 million loss. Hongkong listed in the first half of modern animal husbandry is a huge loss of 566 million yuan, the first loss since the listing. High-end milk market also began to buy a gift, Beijing Youth Daily reporter saw in the market, the current several major brands have formed a white milk at room temperature, low temperature yogurt, room temperature yogurt several major product camp. Although the brand competition in several areas of intense, but in fact the promotion personnel distribution is still the focus in the high-end milk, such as "Golden", "Erie Anmu Xi"; "telunsu Mengniu" and "pure Zhen;" bright "new power" and "smell the buttermilk" etc.. However, these products, whether from the outer packaging or promotion相关的主题文章: