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The final information | GM – intelligent network technology to share the results of auto Sohu automobile in November 3rd, general motors in the national network of intelligent vehicle (Shanghai) pilot demonstration area for the first time demonstrates the latest intelligent vehicle based on network (ICV) eight security application technology, and shared ICV in China development vision. GM wanglian America involved in promoting the development of automobile technology for more than ten years, and in recent years has accelerated the pace of development in china. Eight safety application of GM demonstrated today including intersection collision warning and emergency electronic brake lights warning and warning of vehicle control six vehicles and vehicle communication (V2V) security applications, and the red light warning and warning work area deceleration two new development vehicle and communication infrastructure (V2I) security application. (GM executive vice president of GM Chinese company president Qian Huikang (Matt Tsien) Mr.) GM global executive vice president of General Motors Chinese company president Qian Huikang (Matt Tsien) said: "the national strategic guidance and technical cooperation will support the implementation of global Chinese" Chinese speed "and occupy the leading position in the smart car network field. GM is also looking forward to the early realization of intelligent travel to provide strong support." (GM China Research Institute President Mr. Du Jiangling share of GM cars in China to promote the intelligent network (ICV) the development of Chinese) is the world’s largest number of mega city of the country, the city currently has 9 population of over ten million. The development of intelligent network technology to automobile traffic congestion and road safety actively respond to environmental pollution, the city power challenges, and increase the relevant business investment opportunities in the field of business, income and employment opportunities. It is estimated that by 2030, highly automatic vehicles will account for about half of the total car sales, while fully automatic driving vehicles will account for 15%. In addition, in densely populated cities, the penetration rate of electric vehicles is expected to reach 50%. (Department of automation Tsinghua University Professor, Ministry of science and technology "in 12th Five-Year" 863 project "key technology of smart car road collaborative system chief expert Mr. Yao Danya (in) a reporter asked) to promote the intelligent network of automobile technology, support the establishment and perfection of the interconnection of the industry standard and network security. In the society of automotive engineering Chinese and Chinese intelligent traffic industry alliance under the leadership of General Motors is the work of Tsinghua University and Changan auto China wanglian lead development of Automotive Technology (V2X) application layer standards, and plans to release the first version of this standard by the end of this year. Based on the national standards being developed, GM and Changan Automotive has completed the first interoperability test for their respective development of V2X applications. (staff on GM intelligent network technology test ride experience) last week, Chinese issued a "society of automotive engineering Chinese wanglian intelligent vehicle technology development roadmap" at the annual meeting, to guide and support the development automobile manufacturers future policy. GM is actively involved in the design of the road map as a writer相关的主题文章: