The deposit of outbound travel can not be kept directly by the State Tourism

National Tourism Administration: outbound travel deposit can not directly deposit travel agency account original title: outbound travel deposit can not be directly deposited into the travel agency account, Beijing News (reporter Liu Yang) Spring Festival just returned from the tour of the little partner, your deposit back? Yesterday, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Chaoyang Court, because in the trial process found that travel agencies in the outbound tourism deposit collection, management, refund, there are many problems, the court had to bail to the National Tourism Administration issued judicial recommendations. At present, the National Tourism Administration formally replied to the court, has issued a notice to strengthen the outbound margin supervision, is strictly prohibited to receive cash and deposit accounts. Court deposit has been misappropriated, according to Chaoyang Court judge, found in the trial, travel agencies to collect outbound tourism deposit is more common, and the deposit in the collection, management, return and other aspects of the problem are more. However, the laws, regulations and regulations have no explicit provisions on the collection of the deposit for outbound travel, and there is no corresponding industry management standard to regulate it. There are some irregular phenomena in individual travel agencies, such as the collection of outbound travel money stored in the individual accounts of staff, etc., and the phenomenon of delayed return or even misappropriation and embezzlement of outbound travel deposits has occurred frequently. Last October, the National Tourism Bureau Chaoyang Court to send judicial suggestions, suggestions to standardize the conditions and standards for the outbound tourist deposit, standardize the outbound tourist deposit collection methods, as far as possible the use of non cash collateral, should be taken to the bank and three party managed to receive cash. In addition, it is suggested to strengthen the management of outbound travel business, especially to strengthen the management of branch and retail outlets and other staff, regulate the management system of outbound tourism deposit, prevent embezzlement, occupation and use of outbound tourism deposit illegal profit and so on. The National Tourism Administration for the first time specification of the National Tourism Administration outbound Security said the letter, in December 24th last year, the National Tourism Bureau issued a special "National Tourism Bureau on regulating the outbound tour security related matters notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), the first standardized outbound deposit. The notice calls for the immediate deployment of the local outbound agencies, the outbound travel agencies and the service outlets established by the outbound agencies to carry out the self-examination and clearance of the collection of outbound tourist deposits. For the first time, it is clear that the deposit for outbound travel should be collected by means of funds trusteeship by the bank, and the deposit shall not be paid directly by cash or by cash transfer. The deposit of outbound travel shall not be deposited directly into the travel agency and its employees’ personal accounts. At the same time, the National Tourism Bureau also asked the tourism authorities around the supervision have not yet implemented outbound margin bank managed travel agency, and actively carry out cooperation with local commercial banks, the establishment of trust mechanism of outbound deposit bank long-term and stable, strengthen risk prevention awareness. Editor in chief: Sun Ailin SN146

国家旅游局:出境游保证金不得直接存旅行社账号   原标题:出境游保证金不得直接存入旅行社账号   新京报讯 (记者刘洋)春节刚旅游回来的小伙伴,你们的保证金退了吗?昨日,新京报记者从朝阳法院获悉,因在案件审理过程中发现旅行社在出境游押金收取、管理、退还中存在诸多问题,法院曾针对保证金向国家旅游局发布司法建议。目前,国家旅游局正式函复法院,已出台通知加强出境游保证金监管,严禁收取现金及存入私人账号。   法院   保证金遭挪用时有发生   据朝阳法院法官介绍,在审理中发现,旅行社收取出境旅游押金的情况较为普遍,且旅游押金在收取、管理、退还等环节均存在较多问题。但目前法律、法规、规章对于出境游保证金的收取均无明文规定,亦无相应行业管理规范对此进行规制。个别旅行社存在将收取的出境游保证金存储在工作人员个人账户等不规范操作,迟延归还甚至挪用、侵占出境游保证金的现象屡有发生。   去年10月,朝阳法院向国家旅游局发送司法建议,建议规范出境游押金的收取条件及标准,规范出境游押金收取方式,尽量采用非现金形式担保,采取现金形式的应以银行等第三方托管方式收取。   此外,建议加强出境游业务管理,特别是加强对分社、门市部等分支机构及工作人员的管理,规范出境游押金管理制度,防止挪用、侵占及利用出境游押金非法牟利等情况发生。   国家旅游局   首次规范出境游保证金   国家旅游局回函表示,去年12月24日,国家旅游局专门出台了《国家旅游局关于规范出境游保证金有关事宜的通知》(以下简称《通知》),首次规范出境游保证金。   《通知》要求全国各地要立即部署本地出境社、经营出境业务的旅行社分社及出境社设立的服务网点,开展对出境游保证金收取情况的自查清理。首次明确出境游保证金一律应采取银行参与的资金托管方式收取,不得以现金方式或现金转账方式直接收取保证金,不得将出境游保证金直接存入旅行社及其工作人员个人账号。   同时,国家旅游局还要求各地旅游主管部门督促尚未实行出境游保证金银行托管的旅行社,积极与当地商业银行开展合作,建立长期、稳定的出境游保证金银行托管工作机制,强化风险防范意识。 责任编辑:孙爱林 SN146相关的主题文章: