The cool autumn wounding silently three parts of the body shall not be frozen —

The cool autumn wounding silently   three parts of the body shall not be frozen — Hainan windows — autumn no summer heat, winter is not so cold in this season, however, can not help but feel a bit chilly in the room. The so-called autumn chaos dressing, autumn is the most intangible. Different from just the beginning of autumn that the heat did not retreat, after the autumnal equinox, day and night temperature difference is larger and larger, such as Beijing nearly a week of weather forecast, will find the temperature at more than 20 degrees Celsius under flow, more than 10 degree difference between day and night. The cold air in the south meets with the gradually decaying warm and humid air, and produces precipitation again and again, and the temperature drops again and again. It has reached a time of "a cold autumn rain". This season, people prone to cold, cold or cause gastrointestinal infections, due to reduced precipitation, many people will appear in the cool dry "phenomenon. Cold, the three parts can not freeze a lot of people think, this is a rare cool season at noon, the temperature is still very high, so still wearing sandals, shorts or skirts, feel the feeling of autumn breeze! Although the "job", but the Department of traditional Chinese medicine of Henan Province People’s Hospital, deputy chief physician, Dr. Wang Xuemei warned that the body has three parts not cold autumn". The first is the head, head for Zhuyang will be, if the protection is not good, Yang will lose, head and neck down cold, easy to cause pulmonary symptoms to have cold, may lead to cervical vascular contraction, is not conducive to the blood supply to the brain. The second is the abdomen, abdomen has many important meridians, such as spleen and stomach, liver and kidney through Ren and Du three Mai Chong in abdominal cavity. The cold will cause abdominal meridian blood stasis barrier, will have an impact on organ function. For example, people with stomach diseases easily cold stomach, cold easily menstruating women dysmenorrhea. The third is the foot, "cold from the foot", feet are the most cold parts of the body, the kidney and the spleen and stomach meridians are originated in the foot. Because the feet the farthest from the heart, the blood flowing through the "journey" is the longest, if the foot cold, blood flow stasis, blood supply will be insufficient, and organ function damage. Autumn, the warm warm autumn for this time, we must pay attention to the body warm. The elderly, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, migraine group should pay attention to protect their head, enjoy an invigorating autumn climate at the same time, the best wear a hat and scarf. The abdomen warm, leakage navel clothes, then the United States is not recommended to wear pants, but also try to avoid. For the elderly and children, or have the stomach, cold palace women, may wish to personal wearing a vest, go out when you can wear a waistcoat or vest, hold the waist and abdomen. Every night before going to bed, you can also rub your hands and heat, clockwise rubbing around the navel rubbing abdomen 36 times, rubbing the viscera, Qi and blood meridians are moving, dirty Fu Fu pass all disease elimination. The feet warm is also very important, Wang Xuemei recommends that we always hot feet, warm body, prevent the occurrence of dysmenorrhea and other cold disease. Hands and feet cold and weak people, you might as well wear thin socks to sleep at night. After the autumnal equinox, try to eat cold food, like plump crabs, because it is the thing, not to eat. Diet to eat some food, warm moist mainly, such as sesame, walnut, rice etc.. (commissioning editor: Lu Shaoxiong) 秋凉伤人细无声 身体三个部位冻不得–人民网海南视窗–人民网 秋天没有夏天的热,也不像冬天那么冷,然而在这个季节,身处室内不免感到有些凉飕飕。所谓秋季乱穿衣,秋凉伤人其实最无形。 不同于刚立秋时那种暑气未退,秋分之后,昼夜温差越拉越大,比如查看北京近一周的天气预报,会发现气温在20多摄氏度上下流动,昼夜相差十多度。南下的冷空气与逐渐衰减的暖湿空气相遇,产生一次次的降水,气温也一次次下降,已到了“一场秋雨一场寒”的时候。 这个时节,人容易受凉、感冒或引起胃肠道感染,由于降水减少,不少人还会出现“凉燥”现象。 寒病起,三个部位不能冻 不少人觉得,这是难得的清爽季节,中午时分气温仍然挺高,所以依然穿着凉鞋、短袖短裤或者裙装,感受秋风拂面的感觉!虽说有“春捂秋冻”的说法,不过河南省人民医院中医科副主任医师、医学博士王雪梅提醒,身体有三个部位不能“秋冻”。 首先是头部,头为诸阳之会,如果保护不好,阳气会丧失,头颈部位受凉,向下容易引起有肺部症状的感冒,向上则会导致颈部血管收缩,不利于脑部供血。 第二个是腹部,腹部有很多重要经脉,如脾胃经、肝肾经穿过,任冲督三脉起于腹腔内。此处受凉将引起腹部经脉气血瘀滞不通,对脏器功能都会有影响。例如有胃病史的人受寒易胃疼,经期女性受寒容易痛经等。 第三个就是脚,“寒从脚生”,脚是全身最怕冷的部位,肾和脾胃的经脉都起源于脚。由于双脚距离心脏最远,血液流经的“路程”最长,如果脚部受寒,则血液流动瘀滞,全身血液供应将出现不足,脏器功能继而受损。 秋凉来,该暖还得暖 对于秋凉,这个时候一定要注意身体的保暖。老年人、心脑血管病患者、偏头痛人群要注意保护好自己的头部,在享受秋高气爽的同时,最好戴着帽子和围巾。 而对于腹部的保暖,漏肚脐的衣服,再美也不建议再穿了,低腰裤也尽量避免。对于老人和孩子,或者有胃病、宫寒的女性来说,不妨贴身穿一件背心,出门的时候可以穿一件坎肩或者马甲,护住腰腹部。每晚睡前还可以将双手搓热,顺时针方向绕脐揉腹36次,揉脏腑则气血经络皆动,脏调腑通诸病消。 脚部的保暖也很重要,王雪梅建议大家要经常热水泡脚,可暖全身,防止痛经等寒病的发生。手脚冰凉及体弱的人,不妨晚上穿双薄袜子入睡。 秋分后,寒凉食物尽量少吃,像肥美的大闸蟹,因是大寒之物,不宜多吃。饮食上多吃一些清润、温润为主的食物,如芝麻、核桃、糯米等。 (责编:卢少雄、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: