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The Check Inn Hotel met BUG really dumbfounding (original title: hotel rooms make you laugh and cry BUG) lead: hotel facilities and services which looks good, it is disappointing. (source: boutique The Inn Boutique) on a recent trip to Hakone, hot springs hotel, the traditional day in western philosophy embedded rooms, ensure familiar living environment at the same time, with a Japanese flavor, but, "to use a single square small cramped tile bath", it is difficult to let me mention "bathing desire; you think may be wasted" above, but the actual figure may be another experience in want of perfection in Penang, delicacy and sites, urban flavor let me linger, but when I returned to the room and shower, shower curtain erratic how can stop a splash dance in the bathroom, too mood! So long design will really not intentional water overflows Golden Hill Hotel, but also it is Tucao weakness, guest only anxious silence. If you often live in the hotel, whether business travel or travel, certainly also met with me the same awkward encounter. Today you list the guests or hotel BUG List, please check in with us to tucao! The room is the most important part of the hotel, sleep well what is in vain! But you need to know that the quality of sleep is not just a bed, the size of space, light, temperature and humidity, smell, etc. can be a good sleep. So when the details of the above problems, may be destroyed overnight dream, the following several situations, you encountered? Never shut off the lights "more and more hotel rooms began to use a key type control system, just press can make room lights all off, but there are several light sources are forgotten, but the most common TV, alarm clock, ceiling flashing alarm. Room control system – Peninsula have been using the latest technology, including lighting control if you can not see a glimmer of light sleep like me, will be very distressed, because this a few light may you never shut off! If the open state television said, direct pull plug, but if the power line is minimalist design all buried in the wall…… You can only take a notebook or a stack of paper to cover. "It is a beautiful, if at night television has been lights, not a good thing but there is a light from the curtain is not completely closed, this is the love to sleep in the guest too tortured, sleeping in a beam of light slowly come in, not a romantic, you hate her all the quilt. The air conditioning room / general douniwan outlet position is so general hotel will enable the central air-conditioning, bathroom ceiling outlet side, when you try to adjust the temperature, will occur in 2 situations: temperature, temperature adjustment is not always constant always low. Here refers to the temperature control is not the number of changes in the control panel, but personal experience! At the beginning of the year to Lijiang, staying in a good hotel (the name was not revealed.), may be cause of transformation from the local building, the height of huge high?相关的主题文章: