The Brands Flagship

Automobiles As the brand’s flagship product is running, car DVD player S is willing to update message is always the most fetching attention. The recent run of next generation S class models has been exposed, more cash of new running S has run the latest technology skills for equipment, which is a more prominent flagship location, and in this class running start .petition will be more intense. The next generation of running road test spy photos and role in the network has been repeated exposure and all points in a new generation of S appearance. Reality also proves that the next generation of running S description elements will be more learn to run Style Coupe Concept, more cash appearance, more features and young vitality. New running S in ride .fort will have more advantages, it will rely on running new power control system (Magic Body Ride Control System), the system can be early detected the road information and timely adjust suspension site softness, maximum limit to ensure that the ride .fort, and this system will be in the F700 concept car after initial production models. A luxury brand of safety is always the priority among priorities, this will continue to maintain the same level to participate in the initial position, the safety belt and Qigong, when episodes, don’t bump system, or it will in short moments inflate to persons in the vehicle safety belt two times with suffering damage, especially in the neck. With the next generation run, S also participated in the brake air bag device, in about 0.08 seconds before the collision to make head held high, try to make the vehicle anti-collision beam to hit, prevent the drill into the vehicle damage personnel inside the vehicle. Interior of new large scale screen selection of full contact method, together with improved running .AND independent control system, all the individual essence about yet luxurious. The next generation of running S grade power will rise to a new height, the naturally aspirated engine will not be used to replace the power, weak 3.5L and 4.6L two twin turbo engine, and the next generation will be.e the world’s first run with 9 speed gearbox production models. In order to satisfy the different needs of users and market positioning, running a new S Car Electronics class will be a derivative containing standard wheelbase, long wheelbase, full scale CL, full scale CL convertible, full scale four door sports car and Pullman, 7 edition models, the new car will use the MRA channel more abundant, and the precision of the set is located in respective segments of shopping malls. Run S grade of the primary .petitors for the BMW 7 series and the Audi A8 while more cars will be.e its biggest advantage, this also gave more abundant information of running. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: