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The 2016258 phase: three arrangement prediction confidence 364 energy-saving 7- Sohu ranked three Dan 2016258 out of code recommended by experts: Busuanzi 16257 lottery results: 389 and 20, and tail 0, span 6, greatly small, analysis group of 6 form 16258th period: the period and the value is 20, this period value and value fall. 13: the attention span span of 6, nearly 7 of the span is -6-5-8-4-2-6-6, this period value 37: on stage out of small size greatly, this period value of small size parity: the period from parity odd, this period value even number out of 2 even hundreds of yards, attention: on the issue of odd number 3, from the trend analysis, 100 to trumpet the code trend, optimistic about the 123 thousand and 460: on stage out of even number 8, from the analysis of the trend, ten to a large code trend, promising 35689 bit : the period from odd number 9, from the analysis of the trend, a bit small to a code trend, promising 02349 confidence Danma: 364184292 kill number: 7相关的主题文章: