Terrorist data in the u.s.! Gold oil meets heavy threat sugus

Terrorist data in the u.s.! Gold Qi Qi heavy threat Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Global foreign exchange September 16th hearing – Friday (September 16th) in early trading in Asia, the U.S. dollar index narrow finishing, is now trading at around 95.25. Although the domestic market overnight celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, but the performance of overseas markets is still thrilling. The United States Thursday Europe time series data have been released, the overall performance is unsatisfactory: which is known as "terrorist data" said August retail sales unexpectedly recorded the first contraction since March this year, the industry left. While the dollar index although once has been finished, but by the downturn dragged data ultimately fell slightly, can be described as "lucky enough to pass". Commodity market overnight performance is good or bad. The price of gold hit a low of two weeks, due to the weakening of the market risk aversion and physical demand downturn; and oil prices rebounded by 1%, led by a sharp rise in gasoline and short recovery, gasoline pipeline outage to support the price of gasoline. Looking from the market outlook, although gold and crude oil so far this year, the overall performance is still good, but at present there are some bad signals have appeared, which may be worth investors in the future of the transaction to pay more attention to. Terrorist data in the doldrums, the dollar clearance, the Fed rate hike in September continue to decline! The dollar index fell Thursday a slight concussion, released Thursday, retail sales and industrial output data are weak, weakens the Fed rate hike is expected in September. The Federal Reserve will hold a two day monetary policy meeting on September 20-21. (U.S. dollar against a basket of currencies Thursday) in most market attention the United States "terrorist data" retail sales data, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced Thursday, August retail sales fell more than expected, and recorded the first contraction since March this year, that drive economic growth in consumer spending efforts have stalled. Among them, the United States in August retail sales decrease of 0.3% the previous month, to reduce the estimated 0.1%, U.S. August retail sales excluding autos decreased by 0.1% from the previous month, forecast to increase by 0.2%. (retail sales in the United States) the slowdown in car sales is consistent with the downturn in other sectors, in addition to the automotive industry, 12 retail areas in the decline of 7. Despite the low borrowing costs and gasoline prices and stable employment growth will make the demand by material support, but slow wage growth and consumer spending continued weakness may inhibit the momentum of economic rebound in the two quarter. Reuters said, U.S. August retail sales rate significantly less than expected, mainly due to a series of cars and other goods sales weak, that cool domestic demand in the United States, could further weaken the Fed rate hike is expected next week. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce pointed out that due to poor U.S. retail sales data, or hinted at the United States in the three quarter GDP growth slowed, excluding the possibility of the Fed raising interest rates next week. Other data, the U.S. Labor Department Thursday koron相关的主题文章: